Spring has barely begun and Easter is JUST around the corner.  Does your home still give off Winter vibes?

(aka, if your Christmas lights are still up: TAKE THEM DOWN!)

 Spring is about all things pretty.  Pastels, lots of vibrant floral, and fresh greenery.  Here are some ways you can get your home Spring & Easter ready in no time:

  • Declutter Declutter Declutter
    We had to use the word three times to really get our point across here.  They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing!  This is a great time to get rid of crap.  You know, stuff you don’t need.  Stuff that sits around in your house, taking up precious space, making you look like you just came off an episode of hoarders.Get rid of it all!  If you don’t use it or haven’t thought about it in the past month: BUH BYE!  There are many charities you can donate your unwanted stuff to, and many dumpsters you can take your unwanted junk to!
  • Plants for Days
    One look that will never go out of style: fresh greenery and spring floral.  Ever.  Pot those plants!  Put them everywhere!  Place some of various heights at your front door step, place them in every room to clean the air, and use Spring floral for beautiful table centerpieces.
    (Insider tip: if you can’t keep a plant alive, like most people, opt for faux!  There is plenty of gorgeous, authentic looking faux floral at local craft stores.  Put them in a pot of dirt and no one will ever know!  Except you, because you won’t have to remember to water them!)
  • ReDesign
    Spring is a perfectly perfect time to up your design game in your home.  What in your house is outdated that could use a little fixer upper?The easiest, most affordable way to transform a room in your house is through the use of faux wall paneling.  (We know we know, you’re sensing a theme here.)  For reals though, faux wall paneling looks and feels like real stone, wood or brick, but it isn’t!  They are actually made from polyurethane and highly resistant to moisture, weather, UV rays, mold, mildew and rot.
    Faux wall panels are great for creating accent walls, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom transformations, man caves, exterior paneling, and so forth.  Basically, anywhere there’s a wall that could use some texture, faux wall paneling can get the job done.

By implementing these three easy steps, your home will be Spring & Easter ready in absolutely no time.  Declutter, add greenery and floral, and redesign!