A lot of times when we move into a new house we have these amazing plans for our landscaping and backyards.  A lot of times these wind up being the last plans we mark off the to-do list, and usually it’s years and years later.  If you didn’t wait years and years, you probably got into some serious debt getting it knocked out right away.

Backyard of Your DreamsYou might have to take a year to save up, but there are several options that allow you to get the backyard of your dreams with breaking the bank.

  • Whoever said that a pool had to be in-ground, made of decorated tile?  People have gotten really creative with everyday resources that they are able to put together themselves.  You can get a stock tank pool from a local supply store and it will look so much better than any gaudy above-ground pool.  If you want it to blend a little better with the landscape, make an oversized cedar hot tub to soak up the sun in.  Are you going to be able to do lap?    But for the majority of people who just want to sit and sip their iced tea, this is perfection.  As the mother of two toddlers, my favorite idea was the homemade tile splash pad.  You don’t have to worry about the hazards and expenses of keeping a body of water around, and that gets two thumbs up and ten gold stars from me!
  • Not everyone can have an outdoor shower private and glorious enough to actually shower in. If I had an outdoor shower like some of the ones I’ve seen, I would never shower indoors, and that’s a fact.  You don’t have to live in Singapore to make this happen, though.  There are so many options for putting together cozy shower stalls with some framing boards from Lowe’s and faux wall panels from Faux Direct. Faux brick, wood, or stone panels would all make a gorgeous outdoor shower that blends right in with the natural elements surrounding it. The best part? Faux Direct’s panels are all made for outdoor use as well AND are waterproof. No need to worry about the weather or water from the shower rotting anything like you would have to worry about with real wood!
  • There is no need to have an outdoor kitchen that puts the indoor one to shame, and rivals anything Gordon Ramsey might use. Greek tile and rustic stone pillars are all well and good, but not everyone can be doing that.  Clearly, in this arena, faux stone is the way to go.  Use faux stone to cover the main cooking area/framing, and create those stone columns leading up to an overhead pergola, if you choose, that’s costing other people an arm and a leg.   Tie it in with a really nice grill and patio set and what more do you need?
  • If you want an outdoor movie screen, don’t give up because you think it is has to be a huge, elaborate affair overlooking your awesome in-ground pool at the top of a mountain. PVC pipe and canvas is all you need.  There are so many DIYs for outdoor movie screens all over the internet that you should be able to join that club with little to no issues. What better way to enjoy your beautiful outdoor kitchen you’ve created than with an outdoor movie for all the kids and neighbors??