It is so easy to get wrapped up in technology in the culture we live in nowadays. People are constantly glued to their cell phones, laptops, or other devices. Our cars parallel park for us, our cell phones talk to us, and our vacuums run themselves. Our communication has been reduced from hand written letters and long conversations to text messages containing only emojis. Sometimes it is good to take a break from our over-stimulated environments by shutting down the electronics and carving out time with the people we love. An awesome way to spend time with your family is through activities. Maybe you like golf, swimming, horseback riding, or going to the beach. Maybe you are a DIY family and you love doing home improvement projects together.


At Faux Direct, we love do-it-yourselfers and have a perfect solution for your next weekend project. Our faux wall panels are made of super lightweight polyurethane plastic and are incredibly easy to install. These panels are so easy to install that anyone can do them over a weekend. So carve out some time for a fun weekend project, and choose a part of your house that you want to transform. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your curb appeal and add a touch of brick or stone on your house, fence, or pillars. Getting tired of the look of your fireplace? Install some simple stone panels to change things up and add a touch of class to your space. Want to take on a bathroom remodel? Add faux stone or wood panels to completely transform any bathroom.

Besides being incredibly easy to install, the best part about our panels is that they are made to resist water and the effects of moisture, are incredibly durable, and take very little maintenance moving forward. Whatever the project is, faux wall panels can give you an option that will not only be easily completed in just one weekend, but will last a lifetime moving forward.