Freshening your home’s interior can be quite the task, and seem a bit overwhelming when you add up how much it can cost.  Professionals make it look so easy, right?  They can stage a home in no time and get by on a little budget.  They are great at hiding the home’s flaws, playing up its strengths, and making it look good to everyone.


Well, you can do this too by following these foolproof decorating tricks.

  1. Set the Tone at the Front Door. The front of your home makes the first impression. If you want the first impression to be a good one, you mustn’t neglect the front door.  Keep your door nice by pressure washing it or even painting it a fun bright color.  Add a welcome mat and inexpensive planters on either side of the door.  This will give your home a warm, welcoming feel right off the bat.
  2. Keep the Walls Neutral. This is a trick that never fails. Light, neutral colors keep a home feeling open, airy, and larger than it actually is.  Light colors also appeal to everyone, whereas brighter or darker colors tend to be taste-specific.
  3. Add Stone. The look of stone is timeless and classic.  Opt for faux stone panels instead of authentic stone, as they are affordable, easy to install, and will last for a lifetime. You can use them to create a gorgeous accent wall or accentuate a fireplace.  Use them in the kitchen as a backsplash or in the bathroom behind the tub.  No matter what you choose, it will be sure to look good with Faux Direct’s authentic looking faux stone paneling.
  4. Let The Light In. Don’t weigh your windows down with heavy, outdated curtains.  Opt for new naked windows or use light, sheer panels to let the most amount of light in.
  5. Hang a Mirror in Every Room. Hanging a mirror in a room helps bounce the light around which then makes the room feel brighter.  Do this in every room of the house to open up your space even more.
  6. De-clutter. Whenever you see a staged home, one of the reasons it looks so nice is because there is virtually no clutter.  We know that real life happens and when you’re living in a home clutter tends to build up. However, over time, you tend to notice clutter less and less.  Do a good evaluation of your home’s clutter about twice a year and donate things that are not being used.  It will free up the space and make it look much nicer.