Every now and then it is fun and refreshing to give something an entirely new look.  Whether it is your appearance, your home, or your yard- makeovers are fun to do.  A popular feature often chosen for a makeover is the fireplace inside a home.  Depending on when you purchased your home, this feature can tend to become outdated.  Or, perhaps when you bought the home you were going for one style, and now several years down the road your style has changed completely.  Regardless of the motive, a fireplace makeover is easy to accomplish with the help of faux stone paneling from Faux Direct.

Faux stone paneling is the perfect addition to a fireplace because it does not require ripping out a wall, expensive materials, or expensive labor costs.  The faux stone panels can be applied directly to the wall’s surface, and can be done completely on your own.  Yep, you heard us, you can do this all by yourself!  A fireplace makeover and a DIY project; sounds too good to be true, right?

Faux Stone Fireplacewhitelogo

In a typical stone fireplace makeover, lots of money is spent on materials and labor costs, and the overall process can take quite some time. Our faux stone panels are made from polyurethane, which keeps the prices very low.  However, just because the prices are low, does not mean the quality is!  Polyurethane is a high quality plastic that takes the exact shape and form of what it is intending to look like as it begins in foam form.  It is then painted to match the authentic material precisely.  The end result is uncanny, and the only giveaway is how much the panel weighs.

The main reason, in addition to cost, that faux stone paneling is chosen for a fireplace makeover is how durable the paneling is.  You might be wondering about the dangers of placing polyurethane next to a heat source.  Well, we created fire rated panels specifically for this reason.  They are also impervious to moisture, so no need to fret about any mold, mildew, or rot buildup.  Last but not least, our faux stone paneling is designed to withstand the effects of weather, both hot and cold, and are UV resistant.  This means you can use them outdoors as well!