The holidays are here, which means lots of traveling, house guests, hot chocolate, shows and plays, gift shopping, gift wrapping, and parties galore.  One way to completely make a huge change to your home is to create a faux wood fireplace for a total makeover.  By adding faux wood panels, you can create a rustic feel that will give off the perfect ambiance this holiday season.  Your guests will feel cozy and comfy sipping hot chocolate by the fire and singing Christmas carols next to a gorgeous faux wood fireplace.  What better way to set the holiday mood and get in the Christmas spirit?

Faux wood panels are the perfect addition to a fireplace because at Faux Direct they are fire rated.  This means they were designed specifically for use around heat sources.  You will not have to worry about them getting too hot or catching on fire.  Our faux wood panels are also very affordable.  The panels themselves are very affordable, and each cover on average around 7 sq/ft.  You will not have to rent expensive tools or machines nor will you have to hire out labor to get the job done. You will save oodles of money and time by going faux while simultaneously making a big statement with your brand new fireplace.

Faux Wood Paneling

At Faux Direct all of our faux wood panels are made from polyurethane foam. They are cast from authentic wood, so each panel contains the same grooves and textures you would find in real wood, giving off a very authentic look.  They will not crack, chip, or dent!  They are also impervious to the effects of moisture, so no mold, mildew, rot, or termites will ruin your faux wood panels.  They are also UV resistant and designed to withstand the effects of weather, both hot and cold, so you can even use them outdoors!  Who said a fireplace had to be on the inside only?

The best part about creating a faux wood fireplace is that you can install it all on your own in a matter of ours.  Our panels are lightweight and extremely easy to apply.  All you need is either caulk or glue, a few standard tools, and some willpower!  Head to our ‘Products’ section to choose from a wide variety of faux wood paneling, and get to brainstorming on how you can create a fireplace makeover this holiday season!