We’ve all seen those rickety old storefront signs.  The ones that look like they are for sure gonna blow over the next time a gust of wind comes through.  

Is this your business?

Don’t be that business.

Listen, we know that replacing your sign or marquee can be an expensive feat.  And a not always easy one, either. Most people love the look of brick, stone or wood on their signs but the facts remain: the materials are expensive, heavy, and time-consuming to install.  Not every company has this in their budget and that’s okay.  

But the rickety old sign?  This is not okay.

INSTEAD, you can use faux wall paneling to completely transform your exterior sign or marquee without spending a ton of money or taking up a lot of time.

Unlike authentic stone or brick, faux stone and faux brick is extremely lightweight.  In fact, the average panel weighs only around 9 pounds. (If this number sounds heavy to you, then we may need to have a different conversation.)  The best part about these bad boys? They can be installed by the average Joe OR Jane.

That’s right, they are DIY.

Faux wall paneling is extremely straight forward to install, and can be done so on almost any existing wall surface.  All that’s required? A few standard tools, a simple adhesive, and some screws!

In addition to being lightweight and easy to install, faux wall paneling is UV resistant and weatherproof.  Which makes the material a no brainier to use for an outdoor sign or marquee! As you know, the weather is extremely unpredictable.

(Random thought: Have you ever found it unfair that Weathermen can be completely inaccurate in their jobs on almost a daily basis, yet they don’t lose their employment? Food for thought.)

Having a product that fairs well in unpredictable weather is ideal!  No matter the amount of sun, rain or snow that comes your way- your sign will weather the storm with flying colors.  And all of this can be done for far less money than using traditional stone, brick or wood.

If your business is in need of a new sign or marquee, or your current sign needs some TLC, consider using Faux Wall Paneling from Faux Direct.  If you aren’t sure the look you are going for, you can order a few samples first! Reach out to us at anytime with any questions you may have about our products.  We are here to help!