Do you ever get the inkling to go out, get your hands dirty, and complete a project?  For some people it is planting a garden, for others it is working on a car, and for some it is through DIY projects.  No matter what it is, these types of situations allow for full creativity as you are the  ultimate decider of the end result.  This can be very therapeutic for people, and a way to channel their inner energy that does not get properly expressed at home or in the workplace.  If you are seeking a way to exercise your inner creativity, look no further, because faux stone paneling is the answer.


Faux stone paneling allows for creativity at its finest, as it can be used by anyone for anything.  Well, maybe not anything, but pretty darn close!  Faux stone paneling is used by so many people for a number of home renovation projects, both interior or exterior.  On the exterior, it is great for simply adding the look of stone to your home, shed, or garage.  It can be used as deck railing or fence posts.  It can also be used on your front entry gate, or even your monument sign outside of your business.  Many people also use faux stone paneling around their pool and to create an outdoor kitchen.

On the interior, faux stone paneling is used to create accent walls, or even as wainscoting on the bottom portion of the wall to add texture.  It is also used in kitchens as a backsplash, or around a kitchen island.  In the bathroom people like to add faux stone paneling inside the shower, around the tub, or as an accent wall behind the tub.  This allows for a total spa-like feel, right within the walls of your very own home.  Faux stone paneling can be used up a stairway, behind a bed, or even in the hallways.  Lots of people use it to create a man cave, wine cellar, or on the walls of their basements.  As you can see, the application options are endless.  Anywhere there is a wall, faux wall paneling can be added.  Even around fireplaces!  Faux Direct offers fire-rated panels for that reason alone.

The end result is in your hands with faux stone paneling, as you are the decider of its fate.  It is lightweight and extremely easy to install; generally only taking about several hours to complete.  Head to our ‘Products’ section now, and choose the best faux stone paneling for your next DIY project in order to exercise your inner creativity to its fullest potential!