There simply aren’t enough ‘how to’s’ in this world.  Sometimes people cannot even figure out how to brew a pot of coffee. With all of the new techy gadgets out there, can you blame them?  One person popularized the “____ for Dummies” books, which are books that teach you how to do something, whether it be origami or starting your own business.  There are literally dozens of options available. But, sadly the days of bookstores are pretty much gone, and the online world is where people get their information.  Hence, the reason some quality ‘how to’s’ need to be written.

Not to worry, because Faux Direct is here to save the day with a very important ‘how to’.  And that is, how to make a faux brick wall.

FD stone installation exteriorNow, you may be wondering to yourself why on earth you would want faux brick rather than just use the authentic stuff.  We’ll break it down for you and make it really simple:



They are more affordable

They are DIY

They do not require messy grout or mortar

They look just as real

They will last longer

You can visit many more reasons why faux wall panels are the way to go in previous blog posts.  But for now, it’s time to how to.  So how exactly does one get started with a faux brick wall?  Well, first you must select your favorite faux brick paneling from our ‘Products’ section.  If you aren’t sure which one you want, order a free sample so you can see what it looks like in person.  Before you place your order, make sure you do the math right in order to get the right amount of square footage.

front porch faux brick

Upon arrival, you will need to unbox your panels and let them sit out for 24 hours in the exact location where they will be installed (whether outdoors or indoors).  The reason for this is because they need to get used to the temperature and humidity levels.  Once the 24 hours has passed, gather your basic tools:



exact-o knife

drill or screwdriver

caulking or glue


Then, you will draw a straight, horizontal line in the middle of the wall in which you are applying. Apply your first panel right in the middle, and then work on either side until you have completed one straight row.  From there you can apply the panels both above and below.  You will make 1 inch cuts as desired on the panels before applying to give them a realistic look.  Put the adhesive on the back, leaving a 1 inch border, and then secure with screws.  When wall is completed, you can cover up any imperfections with the touch up paint. Voila! You now have a gorgeous, faux brick paneled wall.