What is faux brick wall paneling?  Faux brick wall paneling is a synthetic brick paneling used to cover a wall or portion of a wall.  It is made from a high quality polyurethane foam and is cast from authentic brick.  When the end product is dried and painted, it looks and feels exactly like the real brick, however the panel weighs only 7-8 pounds.  Because of this, they can be easily applied, and only require a few standard tools and either caulk or glue.  Most people can complete a typical faux brick wall paneling project in a single afternoon.

How is faux brick paneling used? In so many ways!  The amount of projects that faux brick can be used for is almost endless.  Anywhere there is a wall, faux brick panels can be applied.  So just think about that; where in your house could you apply faux brick panels to in order to add texture and a unique touch?

Here are just a few ways that faux brick panels are being used both inside and out in homes across America:

Accent WallsThe number one way faux brick is used is to create an accent wall.  Accent walls are great because they typically highlight a specific feature in the house, such as a fireplace, and provide a central point of focus to a room.  They are also good for delineating space, especially in a larger open floor concept plan.  Previously, accent walls were typically done with a different paint color from the rest of the room.  While this is still practiced, more and more people love the look of faux brick paneling and find it to be more unique.

faux brick living room 2

Kitchen BacksplashHaving a kitchen backsplash is a nice way to add a finishing touch to kitchen design.  Traditional tile, up until now, has typically been the go-to choice for the kitchen backsplash material.  However, with faux brick panels, you do not have to deal with messy grout that is hard to clean.  They are also easy to wipe down because they are impervious to moisture, meaning they are resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.  You won’t have to worry about mom’s famous spaghetti sauce ruining your brand new kitchen backsplash when you choose faux brick panels.

FD faux brick kitchen backsplash

Front Exterior.  Who doesn’t love the look of a classic brick home?  If you find yourself in a situation that many others can relate to, and only have plain siding on the exterior of your home, you can rest in the fact that the simple addition of faux brick paneling will completely transform the front exterior.  You can choose to put it in partial areas on the front of the home, or even cover the entire front!  The choice is yours, and the result will be gorgeous no matter what.

faux brick exterior of home