If you want a new look for your home or work space and a new paint color for your walls isn’t the thing you desire, choose a textured wall. Faux brick walls can add an industrial or old world look to your home. The brick can be applied to an accent wall or walls, even a whole room. By adding faux brick wall panels to the room, the room can be given a feeling of warmth and charm that makes it perfect for everyday use and for entertaining.

A panel of faux brick wall is sold in lightweight polyurethane or high density molded polymers that measure from approximately 2 feet x 4 feet up to 48 inch x 33 inches. The panel can be from 6.7 square feet and up to 32 square feet. Generally, these panels are attached with glue, but they can also be attached with dry all screws. Many panels are accompanied with a 25 year warranty, insuring confidence in the material. The look of the brick can either be slightly distressed or have the look of newly laid brick. Panels also come in a variety of colors from white, grey, beige, red and many more. Your mortar choices can range from white to a much darker tone.

If the look is distressed the brick bars will have less than perfectly square edges and chips may occur throughout the body of the bar. The color will also vary throughout the bar. As in an antique brick wall where the brick ranges from very dark red to practically black in certain areas with simulated smudges of white wash liberally distributed all over. The mortar may even be slightly discolored to indicate aging.

No matter what look is chosen, faux brick is made of highly durable material that can withstand a lot of punishment. Although lightweight, the material is tough enough to endure being exposed to a weed whacker as well as the normal abrasion the average wall is exposed to. Many panels are UV stable, weather proof and have high a good ‘R’ value or thermal resistance. Some can be purchased with fire resistance chemicals applied directly to the panels.

When applying wall panels, be sure to match the alignment of the bricks and mortar lines to realistically imitate a solid brick wall. The natural tendency is simply to apply the panel, but any wall panel should be applied as if applying wall paper. Always try to match a pattern or a line with each adjacent panel of wall décor being applied. Interlock brick panels have alternating bricks extending past the side perimeters. This allows brick alignment between panels to be much easier.

Whether you elect to decorate a hallway, a single accent wall or an entire room with faux brick wall panels, the finished result can be very effective. You can change the mood of the room. You can alter the room’s aura. It can go from the cold feeling of a room with white walls and high ceilings to a warm embracing room with floor to ceiling brick walls. By changing the texture and color of the walls, the whole room can be transformed into a wondrous and inviting setting for your family or work life.