It can be extremely easy to only focus on the inside of a home.  After all, it is where most of a person’s time is spent.  Because of this, however, the exterior of the home often gets left in the dust.  Even though you may not spend as much time outdoors as you do indoors, it is still important to have a nice exterior ambience.  The backyard is used primarily in the spring and summer, and the front yard is where all the curb appeal is held.  There is a reason HOA companies were put into place, to make sure people keep their properties looking nice!  No one likes driving down the street and noticing their neighbor’s house looks like a complete dump.  It pulls the value down of their own home if they are trying to sell.  Keeping your exterior ambience on its A game will make your neighbors happy, but most importantly make you happy.  Here are a few tips on how to get your yard into tip top shape!

  1. Trimmed Landscaping. Bushes can easily overgrow, and weeds will most certainly take over.  Stay on top of your landscaping by keeping the bushes and trees trimmed and the weeds pulled.  The overgrown look simply is not in.  Neat and tidy will enhance your exterior ambience two fold.
  2. Fresh Paint. Another way to enhance your exterior ambience is with a fresh coat of paint.  This should be done every five years on your home, as after time passes, paint can chip and be discolored from harsh sunlight and rust from sprinkler water.
  3. faux stone outdoor pool and kitchen

  4. Unique Features. This category requires some thought and planning.  Every yard, typically the back, should have a specific feature that makes it unique.  For example, an in ground pool complete with a waterfall and spa gives a home its own outdoor oasis.  For other homes, perhaps it is a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen.  What do you feel that you would get most use out of?  A waterfall, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen can all be created on your own with faux stone paneling.  It is lightweight, easy to apply, and beyond affordable.  You can give your exterior ambience the perfect touch with a unique feature designed and completed with faux stone panels from Faux Direct.
  5. faux stone fire pit

  6. Outdoor Furniture. Last but not least, you need a place for you, your family, and your guests to sit back and relax.  Otherwise, what is the point of having any of the features mentioned above?  Outdoor furniture can be a bit on the pricy end, so do some searching for consignment furniture or furniture purchased from wholesale stores like Costco or Sam’s Club.  This investment will be well worth it and complete your exterior ambience with the perfect touch.