The most ideal living rooms combine practicality with style.  In order for your living room to be functional, it doesn’t have to be drab and boring.  You can create a gorgeous living room that can still be lived in by following the tips below.  Before you get started, get a good idea on what you like.  You can copy certain elements from other living rooms you have seen in magazines, on TV, or in person and combine them into your own personal style.

  1. Proper Window Coverings. Although curtains are gorgeous, consider leaving them out of the living room.  They tend to be bulky, take up excess space, and block a lot of natural light from coming in the room.  The living room should have plenty of natural light streaming in throughout the day, and this can be facilitated through proper window coverings.  There are many trendy and stylish blinds out there to add a modern style without overdoing it.
  2. Less is More. Do not feel as if you need to cover every wall in some sort of art or photography.  You also do not need to jam as much furniture as possible into the designated space.  Sometimes, less really is more, and allows for more overall space in the room.  Having a simplistic style in your living room will allow for a stress free environment after a long day’s work.  And, less things crowding the room will open up more space for natural light to dance around the room.
  3. faux brick living room 2

  4. Choose a Focal Point. Every room should have a focal point, or a central region of focus.  Many people choose a fireplace in a living room and arrange the furniture accordingly.  You can easily add to your fireplace, or even construct an accent wall if a fireplace isn’t available, out of faux wall paneling.  Choose from faux stone, faux brick, or faux wood and install it yourself.  Faux wall panels are affordable, easy to install, and easy to maintain as they are incredibly durable.
  5. Keep it Neat. Guests will notice things like cords dangling from the walls or running along the baseboards.  Add extra sockets if need be, and try to keep things like that neat and tucked away.  Add a storage basket next to your couch for blankets, and a little basket for magazines and remote controls.  This helps keep down the clutter and keep the overall area looking nice.