There are many people passionate about ‘going green’ and helping keep the environment as clean as possible.  With the rise in population and increased use in automobiles, airplanes, and factories, even the smallest changes implemented by human beings can make a difference in maintaining our earth. Today we are going to talk specifically about small changes that can be made at home that require little effort and can go a long way.  In addition to helping the earth, you will also save some money!

Change in Cleaning Products
Many people don’t realize the toxicity of every-day household cleaning products. A study done by the Environmental Working Group revealed that 53% of household cleaning products contained ingredients that are harmful to the lungs.  Don’t be fooled by a cleaning product’s labels, either.  Many are marked with the words ‘green’ or ‘clean’, but they can actually be far from that.  Make sure you read the ingredients and try and avoid toxic chemicals.  Here’s a website that lists out 8 of the most harmful, hidden toxins found in common household cleaners: (

Simple Change
create your own household cleaners!  This will save lots of money in the long run.  Invest in a few glass spray bottles, and create your own cleaners out of water, vinegar, baking soda, lemon and essential oils.

This seems silly, but there are a good amount of people who don’t actually take the time to recycle.  Helping eliminate a bulk of the paper and cardboard that fills our landfills is an easy to make change.

Simple ChangeUtilize your recycling bins, and if you don’t have any- create them!  Make sure your separate your plastics and glass from the paper products.

Faux Wall Paneling
When it comes to home projects, both indoors and out, lots of people opt for authentic wood, brick and stone.  However, you can easily save a tree and opt for faux wood versus authentic wood.  Faux wall paneling is more affordable than their authentic counterparts, can be used inside as well as outside, and are DIY.

Simple Changepurchase faux wall panels from for your next house project instead of using authentic brick, stone or wood.

Purchase Pre-Owned Stuff
Now, we’re not advising you to go out and dumpster dive for ratty old mattresses in order to save a buck or two and make the earth greener.  However, there are many things that you can purchase that are pre-owned and are actually in really great condition.
Simple Change: shop local consignment stores, Craiglist, or Offer Up for furniture, housewares, and even clothing!

By implementing these simple changes into your everyday routine, you can help preserve our environment and simultaneously save money.