Electrical Outlet Installation

How to Install The Electrical Outlet Trim:

  • You can install our electrical outlet covers on virtually any clean, flat surface—indoor or outdoor! They must be installed before you put it any faux wall panels to ensure even coverage and an overall uniform look.

Important: Please note that the outlet covers are for decorative purposes only. Please consult a professional if you have any questions regarding the actual electric work.


  • Start the installation process by washing off the surface you will be attaching your outlet cover to. You can clean the surface by wiping off any build up, using a wire brush if necessary. Also, you must clean off the backside of the outlet cover you will be installing. Your electrical trim will need to be exposed to the same temperature and humidity levels as the wall it will be attached to for 24 hour prior to installation. Additionally, the electrical outlet covers should not be placed in direct sunlight or near hot surfaces prior to installation.


  • Now you can begin the process of fitting your outlet trim to the wall or surface. Attach the electrical outlet cover by applying two dots of construction adhesive to the back of the cover. Firmly press the cover against the wall making sure that the cover is airtight.
  • Finish attaching the electrical outlet covers by nailing them to the wall, using at least two nails. Nails should be nailed in to reach just below the surface of the outlet trim. Make sure to use a nail set to recess finish nails. If you are installing your trim in a place with high moisture levels, then you should use exterior grade finish nails to ensure moisture does not get in and cause damage.


Use any leftover caulk to fill any holes or spaces you may have missed. You can camouflage the caulk you used to fill the nail or screw holes with our paint found in the touch up kit. Now you are finished putting in your new electrical outlet cover! All you have to do to complete the process is put in the outlet cover plate by bringing the electrical box forward with the use of the appropriate spacers/ box extenders.


  • Prior to putting your faux wall panel against your electrical outlet cover, apply a drop of textured caulk between the cover and the wall. Now you can install your faux wall panel against your outlet cover. Make sure you clean off any additional caulk that may have gotten on your outlet trim or faux wall panel before it dries.

Installing Double Electrical Outlet (and/or Electrical Switch) Trim

  • In order to make a double electrical outlet cover you will need to purchase two electrical outlet trims in order to compensate for the extra outlet. You will also need to purchase coordinating textured caulk to place in between the two separate outlet covers.
  • Cut off the outer edge of each outlet cover, converting each cover piece into a “C” shape. Make sure the shorter edges of the rectangle remain as long as possible.
  • Place the two outlet trims together over your electrical cover plate to check the sizing. Make any additional adjustments needed to ensure the proper fit. You should have enough room in between the two separate trims to put a neat grout line between the two. Finish installing the two trims by following the normal installation instructions


  • The last step of installation is adding textured caulk in between the two trims to make sure there is a weather-tight seal. It should be noted that these steps to install a double electrical outlet cover can also be used for triple outlet covers, quadruple outlet covers, etc.

Make sure you follow all safety guidelines when installing these panels and to always adhere to all building codes enforced in your area. Never install electrical outlet covers near heat sources.