Even when a fireplace is sitting dormant, it is still a stunning focal point within a home – unless yours is in need of an update. If your fireplace is in need of a little makeover or you are ready for a new look, there are a variety of easy updates to consider.

Re-doing your fireplace is likely easier and more affordable than you realize. To help inspire your potential transformation, read on to learn 5 ideas for DIY fireplace updates that won’t burn up your budget.

1. Go For Tile

If you are tired of staring at your brick fireplace, consider updating it with glass tile. This transformation has the potential to be completed in just a matter of hours and for as little as $110. Required materials include grout, tile, and sticky, two-sided paper to place the tiles on. The final result is an updated, gorgeous focal point that will add depth and interest to your space.

2. Paint Over It

Although some people may consider it a crime to paint over a brick fireplace, it is actually an easy, affordable way to update your fireplace to be a better reflection of your style. Painting over basic builder bricks with a crisp, white paint – or the color of your choice – followed with a bit of gray chalk paint can add a modern update that will greatly increase the visual interest of your fireplace. For the cost of a few cans of paint and a bit of time, your fireplace will have brand new character and a fresh appeal.

3. Consider Updating With Whitewash

Although you probably associate the term “whitewashing” with Tom Sawyer, this technique is actually an excellent way to create a stunning fireplace. This method is quite simple and only involves chalk paint and sponges (for transferring the mixture to the fireplace without dripping).

4. Add Some Faux Stone

You can easily take a fireplace from bland and outdated to a can’t-miss focal point by adding floor-to-ceiling faux stone and a floating mantel. Applying the stones all the way to the ceiling draws the eye upward, makes the space feel larger, and completely transforms the entire atmosphere of the room. Faux stone is not only lighter and easier to work with than real stone but it is also available at a fraction of the cost.

Adding a uniform look from floor-to-ceiling cleans up the appearance of the fireplace while the floating mantel offers a modern appeal while also providing an excellent space for displaying important items.

5. Modernize Your Fireplace With Porcelain

Another excellent way to modernize your fireplace and give it a total face-lift is with the addition of porcelain. Porcelain tile offers a clean, streamlined look. The addition of a floating mantel along with this contemporary design can further increase the overall appeal of the space and add to the inviting atmosphere. Porcelain tile is a versatile material to work with and is available in a wide range of colors that allow you to customize the feel you want to achieve.