If you are looking to make a big change in your house, perhaps add a stone fireplace or create a wood wall around your bathtub, you might be tempted to do what everyone else does.  Most people save up lots of money (or go into debt by putting it on a credit card), and spend the money on expensive materials and labor costs.  In the end the result might be a gorgeous finished project, however it took a whole lot to get to that point.  And in the end most people are left stressed out with less money than they started out with.

One way to not go with the flow is to go with the faux!  Faux wall paneling is an excellent alternative, and you will save time and money in the process.  In the end, you will still have a gorgeous finished project, however your sanity and bank account will remain intact.

faux stone paneling

Faux wall paneling is where it’s at when it comes to home and business renovations.  It can be used for so much.  Use faux wood panels to create a gorgeous rustic accent wall behind a vintage bed.  Use faux brick paneling on the exterior of your home to achieve that Southern charm you always wanted to exude.  Use faux stone paneling to cover the wall around your fireplace from floor to ceiling to create a standout portion of your home that all of the family will want to gather round and enjoy.  For even more ideas on how faux wall paneling can be used, head to www.fauxdirect.com and check out the ‘Applications’ section.

Choosing faux might be different than the majority of what people you know choose, however you will be so thankful in the long run.  You can actually install faux wall paneling all on your own due to how lightweight and easy to apply the panels are.  Imagine how good you will feel after that!  Not to mention, no labor costs.  All that is required are a few standard tools and either caulk or glue.  No expensive tool or machine rentals, and no expensive materials themselves.

Another reason to go faux?  The panels will last and look amazing for years to come.  They are, wait for it, UV resistant, mold resistant, rot resistant, mildew resistant, termite resistant, and weather resistant!  That is a whole lot of resistant.  We even have fire rated options available at Faux Direct should you choose to place them around a heat source.  So the next time you need to redecorate, don’t just go with the flow, go with the faux!