How many times have you heard You Know Who talk about their latest DIY project.  You are confident that your eyes will be permanently stuck in the rolling position if you have to hear about how he never has to hire any type of handy man thanks to his ‘mad skills’ one more time.  Deep down, however, you know you are just secretly jealous.  You are just twiddling your thumbs wishing there were some sort of attainable DIY project out there that didn’t leave you feeling like the kid that didn’t learn to tie his shoes until he was 12.

FD faux wood outdoor shower


Not to worry, because there actually is an attainable DIY project out there!  You Know Who will actually become the jealous one, and in the meantime you will have a house looking fresh out of the latest issue of Coastal Living.  How, you ask?  Faux wood paneling, that’s how.

Installing faux wood panels is as about DIY as it comes.  Especially by using faux wood panels from Faux Direct. Our faux wood panels look and feel exactly like authentic wood, because they are cast from authentic wood using a high quality polyurethane.  And that’s not even the best feature of the polyurethane.  Because polyurethane is a closed cell material by nature, it is impenetrable by moisture.

This makes it resistant to mold, mildew, rot, and termites!  You will not have to worry about them wearing out in a short period of time, because they will look amazing for years to come.  They are also designed to withstand the effects of weather, both hot and cold and they are UV resistant.  Neither Jack Frost nor Mr. Golden Sun can rain on your faux wood panel parade.

How does polyurethane and it’s durability equate to an easy DIY project?  Well, polyurethane is extremely lightweight.  This means you will not end up in the Chiropractor’s office when the project is all done.  They are easy to pick up, assemble, and attach to the wall (check out our Resources tab for installation instructions).  All you need is either caulk or glue, a few standard tools, and some willpower to get the job done.  No expensive machine rental, material, or labor costs included.  You, my friend, can install these bad boys in a matter of hours all by yourself.

Not only will you have a long lasting, job well done in the end, but you will have completed a DIY project that you will feel good about for years to come.  Watch out HGTV, because DIY faux wood panels are in the house!