DIY is the growing trend in our country.  People like the satisfaction of completing a project on their own; one they would typically have to hire out for.  DIY is popular in a wide variety of areas, such as home design, clothing, furniture, jewelry, and even cleaning and laundry products.  When you have the ability to make something yourself, you know the exact ingredients going into it, the quality of products used, and the time it took to make it.  It gives you a much higher satisfaction on getting what you paid for, and typically a whole lot of money is saved in the process.  When you purchase things that are already made for you, the labor fee is factored in there somewhere along with the profit the company needs to make.  When you make it yourself, you get to cut out those unnecessary costs.

A great way to put your DIY skills to use is by creating an accent wall made from faux stone paneling. Faux stone paneling is beyond DIY friendly, as each panel is extremely lightweight.  The average panel weighs approximately 8lbs.  If you have trouble lifting 8lb objects, then you probably aren’t much of a DIYer to begin with (hate to break it to ya).  All that is required to install the faux stone paneling are a few standard tools and either caulk or glue (depending where they are being placed).  Most people can install them in a few short hours.

Accent walls are great because they often provide delineation from one room to another, especially in an open concept floor plan.  They also are great at highlighting specific things on a wall, such as artwork or even a fireplace.  They make a nice visual contrast in a room, and can even be used to make a room look larger or smaller depending on the color faux stone that is chosen.

At Faux Direct, we have a wide variety of faux stone paneling for you to choose from for your DIY accent wall.  If you do not see something you like, we will work closely with you to create the exact look you are going for.

Here are a few examples of some gorgeous DIY faux stone accent walls:

FD Stone Accent Wall

brick accent wall


Head to our ‘Products’ section now to choose your favorite faux stone paneling for your DIY accent wall project! You will save lots of time and money, and have a gorgeous outcome to be proud of for years to come.