If it is time for a much needed kitchen remodel or upgrade, you have probably put some thought into what style you’d like it to be.  Are you going to go with one style, or incorporate several?  Have you looked at photos or watched TV shows for inspiration?


Whether you are just now starting to research or if you have given it lots of thought, this overview of the most popular kitchen styles will help you solidify which one is best for you.

  1. Farmhouse Kitchens. Thank you Chip & Joanna Gaines for this one. Their widely popular show has increased the desire for big farmhouse sinks and shiplap walls.  Farmhouse kitchens typically have open shelving, classic flooring, and big kitchen tables made from reclaimed wood.  These types of kitchens are gorgeous, timeless, and highly sought after.
  2. Rustic Kitchens. A rustic kitchen is the opposite of the classic white one. It is composed of old timber, stone or brick backsplashes, and vintage fireplaces and appliances.  A secret tip: use faux stone or faux brick paneling to accomplish this look without spending the typical associated prices of authentic stone or brick.  You can apply it yourself and do it in a single afternoon!
  3. Modern Kitchens. This category of kitchen is on the other end of the spectrum. A typical modern kitchen will include very sleek designs, lots of stainless steel hardware, brand new appliances, and strong horizontal lines.  You won’t find much ornamentation or many knick knacks sitting around, as the elements of the kitchen make up the entire decor pallet.
  4. Traditional Kitchens. In traditional kitchens you will generally see a reflection of the owner’s style.  Perhaps it is exhibited through a statement making chandelier, corbels, arches, or decorative moldings.  Or you may see it in the furniture turned legs or the antique finishes.
  5. Contemporary Kitchens. These types of kitchens are a lot like the modern type, however they have more of a playful feel to them.  This may be exhibited through bright yellow barstools or a retro refrigerator.
  6. Transitional Kitchens. Transitional kitchens embody the characteristics of both contemporary and traditional kitchens. They have both the warm feel of the traditional kitchen as well as the simple, clean lines of the contemporary kitchen.  This is great for people who are flexible and lifestyles exhibit features of both style.
  7. Cottage Kitchens. The cottage kitchen gives off a feel of being on the coast with the summer breeze flowing through the open windows.  You will probably find a playful wallpaper or window treatments, vintage hardware, soft colors, and bead board.