Are you or anyone you know looking to spruce up your home?  Maybe you want to add a new design style because you are sick of the retro wallpaper in the guest bathroom that the previous homeowners thought was ‘stylish’.  Perhaps you are looking to landscape the house and add a unique touch to the exterior of your home.  Or maybe, just maybe, you are a business owner who knows that you need to do something different in order to drive more business to your door.

FD faux wood outdoor shower

Whatever the reasons are behind the makeover, we are here to give you a useful tip:

Go faux!

Faux wall panels are all the rage when making over a home or business.  They might be just the missing touch you need in order to add aesthetic appeal for everyone to enjoy.  There are so many ways for faux wall panels to be used, it is not even funny.  From man caves to kitchen back splashes to showers to outdoor kitchens.  You name it, faux wall panels can change it.  {Check out our ‘Applications’ section for a full list of ideas.}

A main reason people choose to go faux when they have the option to use wood, stone, or brick is because of its affordable pricing.  At Faux Direct we use high quality polyurethane that is made right here on our very own soil.  This keeps production and shipping costs extremely low.  Also, polyurethane costs a whole lot less than the natural materials, but looks and feels exactly the same.  The catch?  There isn’t one!  Each faux wall panel is actually cast from the authentic material using polyurethane foam, so all of the same grooves and textures are included.

Another reason people choose to go faux is because of the durability factor that faux wall panels bring to the table.  Their performance is outstanding when it comes to withstanding the effects of weather, both hot and cold.  They are also resistant to moisture, so mold, rot, and mildew cannot move in and make their home on your faux wall panels.  They are UV resistant as well!  What we are trying to tell you is that these bad boys are even safe to use outside.  Lastly, if you want to place them around a heat source such as a fireplace, no problem! We have fire rated faux wall paneling options for just that specific use.

The final reason people go faux is because our faux wall panels are DIY.  They can be installed in a single afternoon with basic tools, glue or caulk, and some old fashioned willpower. When planning your next home or business makeover, go faux and save yourself money and time.