Everyone considers their bedroom a place that provides great tranquility and peace of mind. It also ensures someone’s privacy in the most appropriate manner without any disturbance from the outside world. People find their bedrooms as an excellent place for their intellectual and mental grooming. It is often noted by many that even when they are going through tremendous work pressure in the office and outside, people seem to be relaxed in their private space.


These tips and tricks will help to make one’s bedroom even more engaging and relaxing.

A Reading Space in the Corner

Many people like to read by laying on the bed, but after some time, they might find it not very comfortable. If you read often, choose a corner of your room and deem it your reading space. It is always refreshing to sip a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the books of Sydney Sheldon or Erich Segal after the busy working hours. A small bookshelf and a window serving the sunlight into the room in that corner can be a perfect place for the journey through the adventures of the literary world.

Stylish and Giant Headboard

Another great addition that can really make a statement as soon as one enters is a headboard. Options are endless when it comes to headboards depending on ones style and the vibe they want to bring to the room. For a more cozy feel, consider purchasing a fabric covered, tufted headboard in a neutral tone. For a rustic feel, consider using barn wood or faux wood paneling to create a simple, square headboard that you can even attach to the wall. Or go big and rather than a headboard, create an accent wall behind your bed by covering the entire wall with faux stone, wood, or brick paneling.

Incorporate Feng Shui Concepts

Bring the Chinese philosophy of harmonizing and balancing everything related to the environment to the bedroom. Two-night stands or two flowerpots, one placed on either side of the bed can add a balanced visual appeal. If the bed is placed between two identical windows on each side, the windows themselves can create this balanced look. Even those who don’t believe in the energy concepts of Feng Shui can still appreciate the balanced appeal of the style.

Make it Luxurious
Give the bedroom a luxurious feel by adding sophisticated/modern touches. You can mix such pieces even with a rustic or more traditional bedroom style to create a more transitional space. Adding things such as mirrors, a chandelier, chrome candle sticks or picture frames, a faux fur throw, etc. can really help to cozy up a space all the while making it feel more expensive.

Convert a Portion to an Office

This is a bit saddening as this is bringing work into the bedroom space, however, not everyone is fortunate to have an office space elsewhere in the home, and if there is unused bedroom space, it can be the perfect spot. We are not talking an L shaped desk here with filing cabinets. We are talking a small desk that fits the style of the room and fit nicely in/on an unused nook or wall. A sofa table from a second hand store that you refinish yourself or even paint a fun color to make a statement can be an easy and affordable option for a bedroom desk. They’re typically slender and won’t take much space in the room. Cozy your desk with a small lamp for soft lighting and hang some inspiring pictures on the wall above it. Maybe even throw a faux fur rug on the floor under the chair. Who said a “work” area had to be stressful or uninviting?