’Tis the season for decking the halls.  Far and wide, people are chopping down gorgeous fir trees and placing them next to their fireplaces, decorating them with sparkly bulbs, and adorning them with lights.  You will also find people putting their lives at risk on tall ladders, stringing lights from their home roofs.  More fireplaces are crackling, more cookies are baking, and more eggnog is being drank than at any other time of the year.

Why?  Because it’s the Christmas Spirit, that’s why!

One way you can deck the halls this year is by adding faux wall paneling to your home.  What screams Christmastime louder than a crackling fireplace surrounded by gorgeous stone from floor to ceiling, with a mantle covered in garland?  Not much, that’s what!


You can accomplish your very own stone fireplace simply by adding faux stone paneling.  With traditional stone, you would spend thousands of dollars on materials and labor as well as countless hours to get the job done.  At the end of it, your Christmas budget would be shot and little cousin Timmy might end up with a bag of coal after all. With faux wall paneling, however, your budget would still have plenty of room for the requirements of the Holiday season.

Faux stone paneling can be easily purchased on our site at fauxdirect.com.  All of our faux stone panels are made from a high quality polyurethane foam.  Polyurethane is, by nature, a closed cell material.  This means it is impenetrable by moisture, and resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.  It is also UV resistant and weatherproof, should you choose to put it outdoors.  We also offer fire rated panels, designed specifically for placing them around heat sources such as a fireplace.  You will not have to worry about them melting or catching on fire, and they will look amazing for years to come.

Imagine it now: the whole family is home, curled up next to the fire singing carols and sipping on hot chocolate.  Instead of the plain fireplace you have now, it is covered in gorgeous faux stone paneling that looks and feels exactly like authentic stone.  No one will know the difference, and your home will feel cozier and more festive than ever.  Head to fauxdirect.com and check out our ‘Applications’ section and you can see other ways to deck the halls this year with faux wall paneling!