We all know that our house consists of ceilings, floors, and walls.  What that means is we wind up with a lot of, what I like to call, “dead space”.  Quite simply: space not being used.  There is no way to use up all of that empty wall space, or floor space, and at least the ceilings should be kept clean so that the eye can get a break, right?

First of all, I would like to clarify that I do not think it is necessary to put something up just for the sake of putting it up.  I’m not talking about knick-knacking your house to death.  I’m talking about clever and creative ways to incorporate (i.e. maximize) all of those secret spots in the house.

Corners: Not the kind of corners that jut out, but the kind that jut in.  If your living room is a nice big rectangle, consider putting two half-sofas diagonal in each corner, and then a table of some sort in between.  This is an amazing way to break up the sharp angles and utilize not only those dead corner spaces but also some of that dead floor space.  You might also consider putting up some nice, thick shelves in a corner to make a sort of minimalist bookshelf.  What about a corner fireplace?  Putting in a fireplace has never been cheaper than with faux stone paneling.

Floors:  The double sofas across the corners will eat up some floor space in a very aesthetically pleasing way, and an area rug will further compliment that look (or any look at all).  If you have an open floor plan, area rugs are a great way to to designate areas.  It is also becoming popular to paint wooden floors, and as the paint wears the floor achieves a “distressed” look.

Walls:  Dead space on walls can really start eating away at the old brain.  Sure, it’s easy to throw up pictures of you and your family and grapes and wine bottles all over the place, but with technology, nowadays there are many other options.  You can order decals online.  Or, specifically in a basement, consider putting up some faux wall paneling.  You can find styles from bamboo to brick here at Faux Direct.

Ceilings:  If the overall décor of an entire room is minimalistic, then you can start to play around with some options for the ceiling.  Like painting the ceiling a fun color, but a very subtle, light version, so that it makes a statement, but not one that’s going to give you a headache after spending more than ten minutes in the room.