In any home, the attic space can tend to get overlooked. This part of the house is often seen as nothing more than a drafty space barely useful for anything more than storage. What many homeowners may not realize is this part of the house has wonderful potential. A well-decorated attic bedroom can serve as the perfect refuge and an ideal guest bedroom at the same time. Use these few decorating tips to help make your own attic come alive again.

Remodeling the Master BedroomBring Light Inside

One of the problems with many attic spaces is the lack of light. You can help alleviate this problem by bringing in light colors. Start by painting all the walls an off white. This will make the entire space feel much airier. Then you can add additional pale colors to give the room a sense of personality. Light neutrals like tans and greys keep the airy flow while adding a little character.

Show Off the Room’s Curves

Many attic bedrooms have slanted walls. Make the most of this feature by painting. Avoid dark colors on the ceiling walls as this can make the space feel like a cave. Instead, paint an even lighter shade of color on the wall. Pure white is a great option that will contrast well with the off white walls used in the rest of the room.

Add Texture

Another way to help make any attic bedroom space feel more inviting is with the use of texture. Texture is an important element in any room, making it come alive. Throw a blanket on the bed with a nubby finish. You can also bring out any exposed brickwork or paint any beams that are present. If there is not existing brick, faux brick panels can easily be added to give you the same look and feel.

Use an Accent Wall

Accent walls are walls that are set apart from the walls in the rest of the space. Make the space feel more alive by painting one wall a dramatically different color or add an awesome textured accent wall with faux stone, brick, or wood panels.

Use Furniture Well

Use a minimum amount of furniture and match it to the light colors already in the room to create a unified space. Use the window as a focal point. Door style shutters or sheer hanging drapes are perfect to draw attention to the windows. Keep all furniture fabric patterns to a minimum to avoid overwhelming the space.

Make the Most of the Space

Make the whole attic bedroom more useful by letting pieces serve dual functions. Consider a bed with drawer space underneath for added storage. Install a window seat and then create storage under the seat. This will make it easy to store all your stuff easily. Small overhanging lights are also best in this space. Keep them off the floor so you don’t add clutter. If you want to make the ceilings in the room feel taller, a canopy bed will draw the eye upwards.