It’s that time of year again, winter. It’s the time of year you start to bundle yourself up with coats, gloves, mittens, and hats. It’s the time for holidays and family coming together. And it’s the time for you to receive quite a few out-of-town visitors. But wait, you don’t have a room that’s suited for the guests you are about to receive. Well, have no fear. In this article, we will help show you how to create the perfect winter themed room to keep your guests cozy and warm, while keeping the mystery of winter alive.

The first thing you need to think about is your color scheme. When creating a winter theme you’ll want to use cool colors such as soft grays, blues, soft blacks, and metallic silver finishes. You’ll also want to incorporate feelings of warmth with things such as faux fur, sweater fabrics, warm rugs, and a warm down comforter. Also, you want to try to incorporate feelings of nature within your room. This can include wood accents and other rustic touches like antique trays, nature inspired walls, and other well-placed items.

One of the most important thing’s you can do when creating a winter themed room is layer, layer, layer. We say this because when you add layers, you add feelings of warmth and comfort. And after all, the winter months are for cozying up under warm blankets and keeping the cold to the outside. So, add plenty of blankets throughout the room, especially at the end of the bed. We suggest using off-white cable knit blankets, and Cashmere plaid throws. These give off a feeling of luxury and elegance that will be sure to impress any guests. Finish off this warm look by adding decorative pillows that are made of faux fur and sweater materials.

When you start to add your accents around the room, consider using more reflective types of materials such as mirrors, glass, and other metallic finished items. This not only brings in an icy wintery feel, but it also will make the room feel brighter and bigger. By making the room brighter it will give off the off the illusion of cheeriness and warmth to the otherwise gloomy outdoors. And by making the room feel bigger, it will help keep your guests from feeling claustrophobic.

Let’s talk walls. As we said earlier, you’ll want to bring a bit of nature into the room somewhere. One great way to do this is by adding an accent wall of faux stone, brick, or wood using faux wall panels. Faux Direct has so many different panel surfaces to offer, you’ll be sure to find something to your liking.  A stone or brick accent wall would typically not be a quick undertaking, but thankfully, with faux wall panels, it’s an easy DIY that can be completed in an afternoon with just basic tools. By using faux brick or stone panels, you can add texture to the room, bring in that bit of nature, plus completely change the feel of your room. And the best part is, even though brick and stone help amp the coziness in a room for winter guests, they never go out of style and are good for all seasons. They’re neutral enough to not take away from the rest of the room, yet add texture and a cozy vibe that helps to complete your look.

Finally, it’s time for the personal touches. This means doing the little things like placing a rustic wooden tray in the room that’s filled with cookies or candies and little gifts for your guests. Also, have a few favorite books on a shelf or neatly stacked magazines ready for their enjoyment. If you do calligraphy or are artsy – hand write, for the rest of us, print off the computer a small ‘welcome guests’ sign and frame it in a cute frame to place bedside. In another frame, place your wifi account name and password so guests don’t have to ask and you don’t have to go searching for that 50-letter/number combo written on that piece of paper somewhere. If you feel led, add other little touches like candles or battery operated tea lights that can create a cozy ambience that is sure to make any guest feel right at home. Options are endless here. These little things are fun to do and allow you to let your creative juices flow.