Although the design world is constantly in flux, due to the likes and dislikes of people and trends in the industry, several classic design elements will always remain.  No matter what happens, the following staples in the design industry have been and will continue being implemented in traditional homes all over the world.

  1. Molding is as timeless and classic as it gets.  Whether the molding is delicately wrapped around your photos and artwork or it is intricately used along your baseboards or ceiling, it is sure to provide a gorgeous look that will not grow molding
  2. Gilded Mirrors. Gilded mirrors bring a gorgeous look to a room instantly. They look amazing hung on the wall, above a fireplace, or even propped up against a wall.  If you happen to live in an apartment or a rental home that you are unable to do any work in, they are a perfect way to add a classic look to your space without having to do any construction.gilded mirror_crystal chandelier
  3. Crystal Chandeliers. Chandeliers are the perfect way to make a statement in a room.  They instantly take a room that was lacking in design and add a gorgeous, timeless look.  There are many different models to choose from, even ones that are vintage-inspired.  Chandeliers are often used in an entry room or formal dining room to really set the tone.
  4. Stone Fireplace. The look and appeal a stone fireplace brings along with the cozy warmth it provides to a room is something that will be sought after for eternity.  Many people shy away from this feature, however, despite the classic design due to the high cost and time consuming project it typically becomes.  Luckily, there is now an alternative material that can be used: faux stone paneling.  Faux stone paneling looks and feels exactly the same as authentic stone, but costs a fraction of the price and can be installed on your own.  The panels are built to last, as they are heat resistant, mildew, rot, and mold resistant.faux stone fireplace
  5. Curtains have and will always add dimension, color, and texture to a room. Whether you choose a gorgeous floral display or classic eye cat design, having long, thick curtains are a sure way to maintain a classic look throughout your home.curtains faux brick living room
  6. A final way to maintain classic elements in your home design is through the incorporation of antiques.  This can be done on a larger scale in the case of furniture or even smaller scale pieces such as urns, dish ware, or relic paintings.antique