If you are going to spend the associated time and money to accomplish a home renovation project, no matter what it may be (kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, pool, patio, etc.), make sure you choose the most durable materials possible.  If you go through all of the hard effort and then the materials are ruined by something as silly as mold or termites, you have done a bunch of hard work for nothing.  It might sound redundant, but surprisingly happens to unsuspecting home owners all the time.

First of all, you need to do your research.  If your project is outdoors, such as a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen, what materials are going to best weather the storm?  If you’re planning on creating a backsplash in the kitchen, what material is going to be the least absorbent so cooking doesn’t send you into a full blown panic attack?  For example, many people love the look of marble countertops, but do not want to stress over accidentally leaving a blueberry on the surface for longer than an hour.

home-remodeling-ideas-Home-Renovation-Ideas-4At Faux Direct, we manufacture and sell the most durable material there is: faux wall paneling.  Faux stone, faux brick, and faux wood can accomplish nearly any home renovation project you can dream up.  Whether you want to create an authentic man cave with stone walls or a brick fireplace or even add wood paneling to the exterior of your home, faux wall paneling is there to get the job done.

All of our faux wall panels are made from a high quality polyurethane material that begins in foam form. It is cast from the authentic stone, brick, or wood and then once dried it is painted to match the original material completely.  The best part about polyurethane is that it is a closed cell material.  This means that no moisture can penetrate its surface.  This makes each panel resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.  If you use it outdoors, you will not have to worry about the weather either.  All of our panels are designed to withstand all types of weather, both hot and cold.  They are also UV resistant! Last but not least, they are termite resistant too.  No pesky bugs will be munching on your gorgeous wood paneled walls, no-siree!

Do yourself a favor for your next home renovation project and use the most durable material possible: faux wall paneling from Faux Direct!