There are little tips and tricks out there that will make your life a whole lot easier.  These are typically referred to as ‘life hacks’.  Life hacks are generally cheap, easy, and make you wonder why you didn’t think of them in the first place.  Below is a list of cheap backyard life hacks that you can do yourself that will make your summer livin’ much easier this summer.

  1. Stop the Weeds. How annoying are those tiny little weeds that grow up in cracks of concrete that are impossible to pull?  Instead of fixing the concrete, use concrete filler in the cracks to keep those little guys away!concrete filler
  2. Repurpose Cinderblocks. Do you have a few of these bad boys lying around?  Often times people do, and no one knows what to do with them.  They are pretty heavy, and because of this people tend to leave them where they are, rather than get rid of them or find another use for them.  You can actually paint them and use them as planter beds!  How cool does this look:cinder block garden
  3. Get a Bucket Table. A bucket table serves two purposes: a table, obviously, and a storage space.  It is extremely frustrating to spend money on items that end up getting ruined by the weather.  Instead of leaving your outdoor candles to rust, stick them in the bucket table for safety.bucket table
  4. Use Faux Wall Paneling. You can create countless gorgeous projects with faux wall panels, including a fire pit, pool waterfall, retaining wall, outdoor kitchen and even exterior wall coverage.  They are DIY, affordable, and easy as all get out to apply. They look like you spent thousands, and will add an entirely new feel to your backyard to be enjoyed by all this summer.FD outdoor kitchen
  5. Build a Fence Table. Ever wish you had extra space to serve food, work on projects, or place things?  If this is you, but you do not want to purchase more expensive outdoor furniture, then a fence table is your ultimate solution.
  6. Make Your Own Stepping Stones. Forget spending lots of money on flagstone when you can DIY.  These people used rubber doormats and spray painted them with concrete spray paint.  Total cost is around $20!rubber door mat
  7. Create a Rope Swing. What kid doesn’t like swinging for hours on end?  No need to go out and buy a brand new swing when you can create your own rope swing.  Simply grab the supplies at your local hardware store, and assemble in minutes!rope swing