Curb appeal might be one of the most important factors to your home, especially if you plan on selling someday.  Even if you don’t, however, your curb appeal gives off quite an idea of what you are like.  Are you neat and tidy?  Do you care about taking care of your things?  Or are you unorganized and lazy?  Might sound harsh, but the facts are the facts. And people will judge a book by its cover, no matter what the saying is!

curb-appeal-brick-houseIf your curb appeal is in major need of touching up, then you have come to the right place.  We are going to give you some excellent curb appeal ideas, and to top it off they are budget friendly!

  1. This does not have to cost an arm and a leg.  If your yard is in bad shape, the most you will probably pay is the first time you trim your shrubs in order to clear out the initial clutter.  Trim overgrown shrubs and tree branches, keep your lawn mowed and weeds pulled, and the front of your home will look drastically different.  If you have the time you can do this yourself for even less of a cost!
  2. Paint the front door. The front door can start to look grungy after awhile.  Weather, sprinklers, and just plain old time will start to wear your front door out.  Give it a refreshing new paint of coat.  Opt for a bright color to make a bold statement.  This can be done on your own with affordable paint from your local home improvement store.
  3. Add faux wall paneling. Faux brick, faux stone, and faux wood all look amazing when applied to the front of a home.  They are affordable, durable, and DIY.  It is the cheapest way to get a brick house in a single afternoon!
  4. Upgrade your mailbox. Your neighbor’s as well as the mailman will thank you for this.  Having a nice, clean, updated mailbox will take your curb appeal from drab to fab.  Instead of spray painted numbers on the side or stickers, use nice tin cut outs.  They will look better and last longer.
  5. Replace lighting. Having clean, new lights will illuminate the front of your home as well as make it safer to come in and out.  These can be replaced for as little as $20 per light. You could even opt for vintage lights found at consignment stores.