The living room (also known as the drawing room, sitting room, or family room), is one place in the house that is going to receive a lot of guests and get a lot of traffic.  Of course guests will wind up seeing the other more public rooms (like the kitchen, bathroom, and dining room), but the living room has a completely different feel altogether.  Kitchens and dining rooms and bathrooms are meant to be functional.  There is only so much you can do when decorating them.  However, a living room’s whole purpose is to be comfortable.

Not only that, a living room is basically an empty canvas; a blank space, if you will.  You can really unleash your creativity and passions in an area like this that you may not be able to do as much in the more functional spaces.  Regardless, your home will have your signature no matter what part, but only a few places can be decorated with the purpose of other people, beyond yourself, getting enjoyment out of it.


The most important aspect of any room is the wall space.  They are the biggest part, and the most difficult to decorate.  I say this because you can fill the floor with furniture and rugs and accessories of all kinds, but hanging stuff on the wall and trying to utilize all of that emptiness is incredibly tricky, especially if there is a shortage of windows.  I walked into a home once where the main wall had been completely taken over by picture frames decorated with Pinterest ideas.  They were adorable on their own, but to be put so close together across the entire space (and crooked!), it was just too much.  That entire room could have been so much nicer if the owners had used some faux stone and then chosen three or four of their favorite decorated frames.  Since it was the tallest wall, peaking in the center, and also the longest, stretching into the dining room, faux stone would have been the perfect choice for separating the dining area from the living area.  And since it was of extended height it would have given the place the feel of a castle.

And that’s just one suggestion! If you are trying to go with a more natural feel, it goes without saying that the faux stone would fit in very well.  If you are worried about making your home look too dark, worry no more.  The softer tones of the stone pairs wonderfully with brighter, more neutral shades.  Just because you are going neutral doesn’t mean that you have to lack color and vitality.  You may not be a very adventurous person, but even choosing lavender greys and chestnut peaches will be neutral with a refreshing and modern twist.

Thanks to technology, when it comes to decorating our homes, we have so many more options than humanity would have ever thought possible!  Which is so exciting.  Hopefully you can take this input and use it to brighten up your own living space!