Nowadays Do It Yourself is all the rage.  DIY this, DIY that.  There are books on it, there is an entire website dedicated to it (Pinterest), and there’s an entire TV channel dedicated to it (diy network). Now, there are some people that claim certain projects are DIY, and then when you go to actually do them you are sure they were out to get you and make a fool out of you.  Their version of a DIY project is actually something that requires some serious skill.

Well, we have a DIY project with you that is actually doable.  It doesn’t pretend to be doable, but really require a contractor to complete.  In fact, it is so easy that it can be accomplished in a single afternoon.

Ready for it?

  • Faux Wall Paneling
    Faux wall paneling is the best DIY project around. Before we get into installation, let’s first talk about what it is.
  • What is it?
    Faux wall panels are faux stone, faux brick, and faux wood paneling designed to look exactly like their authentic counterparts.  They are cast from molds of authentic stone, brick, or wood using a material called polyurethane.  Polyurethane is great because it looks and feels real, but it isn’t! It is completely resistant to moisture which makes all of the panels mold, mildew, and rot resistant.
  • How is it Used?
    Faux wall panels are used on walls both indoors and outdoors.  They can be used to create accent walls, stone showers, brick kitchen backsplashes, exterior paneling, wine cellars, man caves, and much more.  Anywhere you can think that you want to add texture, faux wall paneling can accomplish the job.
  • How Durable are They?
    Because faux wall panels are made from polyurethane, they work great in areas of high moisture (bathroom, kitchen, etc.).  They are easily cleaned and do not require harsh chemicals to do so.  Faux wall panels are also weatherproof and can withstand all types of weather.  They are even UV resistant!  Basically, faux wall panels can last much longer than authentic brick, wood, or stone!
  • Okay…so how are they Installed?
    Well, glad you asked!  Faux wall panels are applied easily using a simple adhesive (liquid nails), screws and a screwdriver, and caulking.  We have an entire how-to guide on our website:  This can usually be done in a single afternoon, and is quite simple once you get going. The alternative?  Applying brick with mortar and grout.  Installing wood with heavy machinery and glue.  Installing stone with spacers, mortar, and grout. Unless you are a certified contractor, chances are you would have to hire out all the above jobs.
  • Conclusion
    Faux wall panels are the best DIY project around because they are actually doable.  They are simple to install, will last a lifetime, and cost far less than their authentic counterparts.  If you are thinking about doing a DIY project, look no further.  Faux wall paneling is the DIY project for you!