Before you actually begin breaking ground on your remodeling project, whether it be in your home or office building, there is a lot of thought and planning that goes into it.  In addition to mapping out what will be completed, you must set (and stick to) a budget.  And, in order to stick to your budget, you need to know how to properly shop.  Read on for some tips!

  1. Understand the Limitations to Purchasing off the Shelf. Although many great deals can be found from choosing things right off the shelf, make sure you know what you’re looking for.  For example, fixtures used for plumbing should be made from brass material, not a plastic with a metallic finish.  Also make sure that the box does not looked open.  If it was, it could be a return and not in the best shape.
  2. Ask for Recommendations. Especially if you are a DIYer.  Ask around for recommended suppliers from your builders and designers in the area.  In addition to this, when given a delivery time frame, you can safely add about 30% to that estimated time.
  3. You May Not Get What You Pay For. Unfortunately, this happens a lot.  Even with some of the most popular brands!  You may find that some companies will put more money into advertising their products, rather than the products themselves.  Do your research ahead of time, read reviews, and talk to people who have purchased the materials before.  For example, faux wall paneling is becoming the most popular material used in home renovation projects for things like accent walls, kitchen backsplashes, stone showers, etc.  It is affordable, has a great reputation, and is easy to apply.  Make sure you read reviews and see the product in person before purchasing an entire order.  At Faux Direct, you can request samples for free so you can see and feel what you will be working with.
  4. Buy Local. There are so many reasons to purchase items made locally, but a main one is shipping.  Purchasing from a retailer that produces and ships out their products right here in the US will be far less of a hassle for you in the long run.  The shipping rates are going to be down, and your products will arrive in a decent amount of time.  Faux Direct, as mentioned before, is an American company that manufactures and ships all of their products right here in the US.