If you choose to add brick to a wall, inevitably grouting will be apart of the process.  Not only that, but the mortar to make it stick to the wall, and then sealing it at the end.  All in all, it can be quite the process, especially the grout.  Have you ever had to grout a brick wall?  First, you must find the perfect grout.  Next, you must have all the proper tools: a deep bucket, concrete mixer, and grout applicator.  You can use an angled metal applicator or a bag that will squeeze the grout into the cracks between the bricks.  After that, you take a wet sponge and wipe off the excess grout.  The entire process is lengthy and extremely messy.

If you had a way to achieve a brick wall and skip the entire grouting process, would you want to know more?  Most people sure as heck would! Luckily, for all of us, there IS a way: faux brick paneling.



Faux brick paneling enables you to avoid the entire grouting process (as well as mortar and sealing) because it comes in panels that are roughly 8-9 sq/ft.  The brick appears to be grouted already, and all that is needed to secure it to the wall is simple caulking or glue.  Because the panels cover a decent amount of space, it takes hardly any time to put them up!  Most people can accomplish a faux brick paneled wall in a single afternoon.  The same absolutely cannot be said for its authentic counterpart.  If you want to put up an authentic brick wall, even if it’s for a kitchen backsplash or an accent wall in the living room, you are looking at days and most likely weeks to get the job done.  Not to mention hiring an expensive contractor!

There is no need to seal the final product either, as it is made from polyurethane rather than authentic brick.  Polyurethane, by nature, is impervious to moisture (so there is no need to seal).  It will not absorb any type of moisture, and as a result will be resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.  This makes faux brick panels the perfect addition to a place such as a kitchen for a backsplash or even the bathroom in the shower.  Obviously these are two high moisture rooms in the home, but you won’t have to worry about them lasting or getting ruined by accidental spills.

All in all, if you are looking to accomplish the gorgeous look that a brick wall brings without the associated hassle like having to grout, faux brick panels are the way to go!