With all the hype on HGTV and Pinterest, you are probably left with the slightest feeling that a remodel on a budget is actually a possibility.  It might sound too good to be true, at first glance, but if there are TV shows and multiple blog posts on DIY projects and money saving tips, then there must be some sort of truth to the matter.  Right?


At Faux Direct, we know this better than anyone.  Not only do we deliver high quality, affordable materials to make your remodeling dreams possible, but we also go out of our way to provide you tips and tricks on current trends and how to get the job done.

FD Stone Kitchen backsplashIn order to accomplish a kitchen remodel on a budget, you need to first plan ahead on what materials you will use. Then, decide on an order in which the project will be carried through.  Here is a rough blueprint to follow:

  1. Cabinets. Most people start here when it comes to the kitchen remodel.  Instead of purchasing all new cabinetry, why not repaint what you already have in order to make it look brand new?  There are even types of paints out there that eliminate the need for your cabinets to be sanded down ahead of time, which will greatly cut back on the amount of time spent.  Check out Benjamin Moore’s Advance line.
  2. Hardware. Once the cabinets are repainted, you can make them look even newer through the addition of hardware. This can be found affordably priced at your local home improvement store.
  3. Countertops. Is it time to get rid of the linoleum countertops?  If so, consider using quartz instead of granite to save on money.  You can even shop for countertop slabs on website such as Craigslist for a fraction of the price, and then they can be cut down in order to fit your actual kitchen size.
  4. Appliances.  If you need to update your kitchen appliances, no need to fret.  While this can be an area that will either make or break the bank, you can keep it on a budget by purchasing second hand.  There are many sites out there that allow you to do this in a reliable manner, such as eBay & Offer Up.  You can also check out local consignment stores.
  5. Backsplash.  Last but not least, the kitchen backsplash can be accomplished in no time with faux brick or faux stone paneling. Either option make for a gorgeous backsplash, and it can be applied on your own.  All of Faux Direct’s faux wall paneling is resistant to moisture, making them easy to keep clean.  They are durable, affordable, and the ultimate material to complete your kitchen remodel.