Who said that a kitchen remodel had to cost thousands of dollars?  Not us at Faux Direct! We are here to make the job affordable and attainable.  When you watch HGTV, what do you see?  DIY; it’s everywhere.  DIY is all the rage right now.  There are TV shows, books, and magazines all dedicated to DIY.  Look at the website Pinterest.  Most of the things you find are projects you can do on your own to make your house look uniquely amazing.  No need to spend tons of money to give an expensive feel.  And why hire out when you can do something yourself?  Every single person has at least once ounce of creativity in their bones, you just might have to dig down deep to find it.  But once you do find it and you express it, you will feel so incredibly accomplished.


Instead of spending tons of money on a remodel, you can create our own dreamy kitchen backsplash with affordable panels here at Faux Direct.  Use Stacked Stone for a contemporary look or use Coral Block to create more of a tile infused stone look.  Use concrete or asphalt panels for an industrial feel.  A backsplash made with stacked stone panels would make your kitchen look like it was straight out of a Restoration Hardware magazine.  Whatever you want the look to be, you can do it with Faux Direct panels.

You can do the project yourself without the need to rent heavy machinery.  All you will need are the panels themselves, adhesive, screws & a screwdriver, sand paper, and cauk/cauking gun.  That’s it!  Those are all items that can be picked up at a home project store relatively inexpensively.  Do think for a second that a remodel has to be a huge, expensive project and it has to be put on the back burner for another day.  Make your dreamy kitchen today with faux wall panels from Faux Direct.