Most often, tips for decorating smaller homes involve eliminating clutter and minimizing items. However, regardless of the size, there are certain things every home needs. Following are seven essentials worth including in any size home.

  1. A Landing Pad

Even if your home lacks an impressive foyer, it is still important to have an area to decompress when you enter your home.

Be sure to set aside a little space near the front door for placing your keys and coat. Also, include a seat for a comfortable place to take shoes on and off. For an added touch, a mirror or glass table will offer a welcoming effect.

  1. Bold Color and Patterns

Although using ample amounts of white and light neutrals can make a small space appear bigger, it does not mean color and patterns should be completely avoided. Including some interest and drama will make the space look inviting and interesting.

To achieve the best of both worlds, incorporate color into high and low spaces while keeping the walls neutral. Consider using a bold paint color on the ceiling or an interesting piece of furniture so it pops out against the room without becoming overwhelming.

For additional visual interest, faux wall panels can be added. Faux wall panels add an element to your home that most likely no one else you know has. With so many surface options, you can easily and affordably give your room the unique vibe that you want and others will envy.

  1. A True Dining Space

Small homes rarely feature a dedicated dining space but that does not mean you are limited to eating at your desk or at the counter. Try situating a small, two-seat dining table up against a window or wall.

If your space lacks room for even a small table, consider using a fold-down table that can be pulled out as needed. You can also use a convertible coffee table that raises to dining height during meals.

  1. A Comfortable Place to Lounge

While having a small space may tempt you to focus on compact furniture pieces, it is crucial to still include full-sized pieces as well.

Incorporating a comfortable, full-size sofa or lounge chair, as opposed to numerous small chairs, will result in a much more cozy, inviting space. To accommodate occasional guests, keep compact side chairs that can be added to the room on hand.

  1. Excellent Lighting


Small spaces often feature inadequate lighting since it usually relies on a single fixture per area. Realistically, adequate lighting cannot originate from a single source. This makes it crucial to include a wide range of fixtures.

To create adequate lighting without taking up too much space, try going with a plug-in wall sconce with numerous bulbs. Fixtures of this style will create rich light without using up precious square footage or table space.

  1. Live Plants

When it comes to the layout of your home, an excellent way to utilize the space is through the addition of live plants.

Including live greenery helps bring life to spaces, add an element of nature, and create a more welcoming atmosphere. As a bonus, plants are capable of purifying the air.

  1. Room to Breathe

Finally, it is crucial to remember one last detail: empty space.

Cramming every inch of space with decorations, art, and furniture will result in a chaotic, cramped, cluttered home. Be sure to leave some walls empty to maintain an inviting, open atmosphere.