Out with the old, in with the new.  Interior Design is a world that is constantly in flux.  While some things will always remain classic: wooden floors, white paint, and farm sinks, there are others that will only last during the trend.  Here are the top 5 design trends that are projected to dominate this year:

  1. Terracotta
    Weird, right?  Typically, you only think of this word associated with planter pots.  However, this color shade is in the bronze family.  It contains a hint of red with a touch of orange, and is thought to replace the emerald green of 2017.  It will be used from anything like light fixtures to  dinnerware to end tables to throw pillows.
  2. Maximalism
    In direct contrast to minimalism, maximalism is projected to take center stage for those that appreciate more.  Minimalism involves very little furniture, not many (if any) patterns, and definitely no textures.  Maximalism on the other hand plays up fun patterns and colors and incorporates textures.  For example, consider mixing patterns with table settings, using multiple rugs in a single room, or even adding texture to a wall with faux stone or faux brick panels.  It is believed that maximalism really enables people to fully express themselves.
  3. Comfort Spaces
    With minimalism came couches and chairs that really didn’t invite fellowship or socializing with others.  Spaces were uncomfortable and the opposite of inviting.  Instead, the trend of 2018 will really be to create spaces of comfort.  Replace modern furniture with oversized sofas and chairs, add house plants for warmth, and layer rugs.  Incorporate photos and paintings on the wall, and let in lots of light. This trend will be found in homes, spas and retail stores.
  4. Monochrome
    This falls on the opposite spectrum of maximalism, and into the minimalists’ boat.  Monochrome design includes spaces that include shades of the same color.  So, instead of various patterns and textures, rooms are filled with multiple versions of a specific tone.  The results are sophisticated, but definitely requires some self-control to achieve.
  5. Purposefully Placed Materials
    Last but not least, a trend expected for 2018 is materials with purpose.  This could mean a piece of furniture made entirely from recycled plastic.  It could also mean tiles made from cornhusks or bags made from pineapple leaves (instead of leather).  This type of design embraces the heart, and art, of recycling.  This design also considers the environment and portrays it in a positive light.