Who doesn’t like a kitchen upgrade?
Yanny?  Maybe Laurel?

Most people would say: “Not me! I love a kitchen upgrade!”.  However, not everyone has the time and money to actually complete one!

Not to worry.  Enter: your dear friends at Faux Direct.  We are here to give you information on how you can accomplish a DIY kitchen upgrade in a single weekend.  While you won’t be able to sit back with your feet up while someone else does the work, you will get to save time and money, have it done quickly, and have the satisfaction of a job well done.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

    • Kitchen Backsplash
      Kitchen backsplashes are absolutely necessary.  Just think about how much stuff flies in the air when you’re cooking.  Whether you are chopping onions or stirring a pot of Mom’s Spaghetti…some of the goods are sure to make it to the wall.You don’t want to ruin your paint, right?  This is why backsplashes are a thing.  Most people have some sort of tile.  While tile looks nice, it also involves grout.  Grout is not an easy thing to clean, especially if it is light colored.  On top of that, tile is expensive and usually requires someone to put it in!
      Faux wall paneling, on the other hand, is the opposite of everything tile stands for.  First of all- it is aesthetically pleasing.  At Faux Direct, we have the option to choose from faux stone, faux brick and faux wood.  There is NO GROUT involved, and the panels are installed easily with screws and liquid nails.  They are completely waterproof, and so easy to clean.  Mom’s Spaghetti will be nothin’ for those bad boys.
    • Chalkboard Pantry
      Chalkboard paint is all the rage.  Consider re-painting the interior door of your pantry with caulk paint.  This can be a place where the kids have a creative outlet, for you to keep a running shopping list, and even a calendar to make sure everyone in the family is on the same page!
    • Magnetic Knife Strip
      Creating a magnetic knife strip is a great way to open up some counter space.  It’s a practical and stylish way of organizing your knives! Hang a little sign above it that says something cute and playful like: “The Hazards”.
    • Organize Under-the-Sink Cabinets
      Let’s face it, cabinets are a great place to shove things so they don’t have to be seen.  However, after months of this, it can become utter chaos under there.  When you actually need to find something, it can be nearly impossible! Head to the store for some inexpensive organization baskets, and separate things into categories: soaps, cleaners, rubber gloves, etc.

These simple DIY tricks can give you the kitchen upgrade you’ve been looking for in a single afternoon!