October 18, 2018

What better way to emphasize the awesome-ness of faux wall panels than to go through the alphabet and quite literally, spell it out? For the next couple weeks, we are going to take some time to go through each letter of the alphabet and point out some amazing qualities that faux wall panels have to offer.

A is for Affordable
Who doesn’t love to save money?  When it comes to remodeling your home or business, you can easily spend a pretty penny.  All it takes is one episode of Fixer Upper to get your design lust going at full blast and you could drain your bank account in 10 minutes flat.  

Instead of hemorrhaging cash, why not save money by using products that are actually affordable?  

Take an accent wall, for example.  Let’s go with brick. If you used authentic brick, not only would you have to

  • purchase all the brick

But you would also have to

  • hire someone to install it.  Unless you are some sort of secret Bob the Builder type.

Instead of doing all of that (not to mention the mess), you could use faux brick panels.  They are installed yourself (so no expensive contractor fees) and the only other thing you need are some screws and liquid nails.  Ba da bing, ba da boom.

B is for Beautiful

Not to be super lame, but come on, faux wall panels are beautiful.  Have you seen them? They literally look like authentic brick, stone and wood.  They are cast from the authentic material using a moulding and polyurethane. They are then painted to match their authentic counterparts exactly.  They look and feel exactly the same. The only giveaway? How light weight they are!

C is for Cut-able
Okay, okay, so cut-able isn’t actually a real word.  But we could petition to make it one, right? Faux wall panels can be cut to fit into any space.  This is one of the coolest aspects of these products.  

What you’ll first do is measure your square footage that you need to cover, and then look at the square footage coverage of the particular panel you’re interested in.  Most of our panels range from 7-10 square feet. Then, you order the number of panels to fit your need. However, in most cases, you’ll have a little extra, and that’s okay.  All you gotta do is cut the panel (which can be easily done with an exact-o knife) to fit your exact space.  

Stay tuned for more letters next week, folks!

October 4, 2018

Fall is here folks.  Well, at least for those of you that live in cooler climates.  Personally, I live where the sun practically assaults you every time you walk out your door, the Sunshine State. (Even though Colorado is technically the state that gets the most hours of sunshine, but that’s a conversation for another day.)  

No matter where you live, decorating for Fall is fun.  There’s something comforting about it. I believe it all boils down to nostalgia.  As a kid, you couldn’t care less if you had pumpkins and mums on your front porch, you don’t remember the centerpiece your mom worked so diligently on for your kitchen table, and pumpkin spiced lattes definitely weren’t a part of your vocabulary.  But what you do remember are the smells, the feel of the weather turning crisp and cooler, the leaves changing colors and littering the grass with hues of orange and red, the football games, and the hot apple cider.  Flash forward to adulthood: decorating for Fall brings all those feels back. (There are certain places who need to take a chill pill and wait to display their fall decor inventory until at least September: we see you Michaels, Costco & Hobby Lobby.  But again, that’s a conversation for another day.)

Here at Faux Direct, we know all about getting ready for Fall.  Here are some of our favorite ways to welcome the season and the holidays to follow:


  1. Get That Fireplace Ready.  Because, who doesn’t like sitting around a toasty fire?  The best way to do this is with faux stone wall paneling.  There’s no need to spend a fortune on authentic stone, a contractor to install it, and live through the mess it entails.  Instead, with faux stone paneling you can create the exact look and feel of stone by installing it yourself & spending a fraction of the cost.  We have fire rated panels designed specifically for this use!
  2. Get That Backsplash Ready.  The kitchen is a place where friends and family will gather over the holiday season.  Don’t you want your design to be on point? A simple and easy way to transform your kitchen is through the addition of a backsplash.  Our faux stone and faux brick panels are perfect for this. In fact, they are resistant to moisture which makes them a perfect material for the kitchen.  They are easily cleaned and will not build up mold or mildew.
  3. Add Some Color.  The best part about Fall are all of the warm colors it brings.  Fall is visually appealing, which is why many people prefer to live in a place where the change of the seasons can be observed.  Add a pop of color to your front doorstep with potted mums and a beautiful fall wreath. The feels of fall will overtake your senses each time you get home.  
  4. Add Scents.  Right now there are more white pumpkin and apple cider candles than ever before on the shelves of your favorite stores.  Head to places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls to grab a jar of goodness that will make your home smell delicious. If you aren’t into candles, try diffusing essential oils.  Use a quality company like Young Living and diffuse a blend of spices & citrus.
  5. Pumpkins! Last but not least, the addition of these will complete your Fall design.  Add them to the front porch, let the kids carve them to create jack-o-lanterns, and create a gorgeous centerpiece out of neutral colored pumpkins.  Trader Joes is an excellent place to purchase ‘fancy pumpkins’ at affordable prices.


What are you waiting for? Go out there and jump into Fall!