April 16, 2018

We’ve all seen those rickety old storefront signs.  The ones that look like they are for sure gonna blow over the next time a gust of wind comes through.  

Is this your business?

Don’t be that business.

Listen, we know that replacing your sign or marquee can be an expensive feat.  And a not always easy one, either. Most people love the look of brick, stone or wood on their signs but the facts remain: the materials are expensive, heavy, and time-consuming to install.  Not every company has this in their budget and that’s okay.  

But the rickety old sign?  This is not okay.

INSTEAD, you can use faux wall paneling to completely transform your exterior sign or marquee without spending a ton of money or taking up a lot of time.

Unlike authentic stone or brick, faux stone and faux brick is extremely lightweight.  In fact, the average panel weighs only around 9 pounds. (If this number sounds heavy to you, then we may need to have a different conversation.)  The best part about these bad boys? They can be installed by the average Joe OR Jane.

That’s right, they are DIY.

Faux wall paneling is extremely straight forward to install, and can be done so on almost any existing wall surface.  All that’s required? A few standard tools, a simple adhesive, and some screws!

In addition to being lightweight and easy to install, faux wall paneling is UV resistant and weatherproof.  Which makes the material a no brainier to use for an outdoor sign or marquee! As you know, the weather is extremely unpredictable.

(Random thought: Have you ever found it unfair that Weathermen can be completely inaccurate in their jobs on almost a daily basis, yet they don’t lose their employment? Food for thought.)

Having a product that fairs well in unpredictable weather is ideal!  No matter the amount of sun, rain or snow that comes your way- your sign will weather the storm with flying colors.  And all of this can be done for far less money than using traditional stone, brick or wood.

If your business is in need of a new sign or marquee, or your current sign needs some TLC, consider using Faux Wall Paneling from Faux Direct.  If you aren’t sure the look you are going for, you can order a few samples first! Reach out to us at anytime with any questions you may have about our products.  We are here to help!

April 5, 2018

Listen, the last thing anyone likes spending their time doing is cleaning.  Unless you’re weird (no offense.)  It’s time-consuming, your hands get chemical-y, and it’s not exactly the most pleasant of activities.
While it cannot be avoided, there are ways you can make your home easier to clean.  We are gonna give you some tips on how to design a clean-easy home.

  • Floors
    When it comes to flooring, you want something that does not have a bunch of grout lines such as stone or tile.  Stained concrete with a protective sealer is the most easy to clean, followed by laminate and then hardwoods.
    If your budget allows for it, we say go with the hardwood.  If not, stick to the concrete or laminate!  Both options can look beautiful and still enable you to easily clean up when it’s time to.
  • Central Vac
    These are still a thing.
    We promise.
    Get a central vacuum unit installed with sweep inlets.  This will allow you to vacuum/sweep your floor without having to bend down and pick up all the particles with a dust pan. Sounds like a win-win if you ask us.
  • Walls
    Do not neglect your walls.  When you first think of cleaning, you generally don’t think of walls as something that need that much attention.
    We dare you to go home and look closer at your walls.  Especially areas such as the kitchen backsplash, shower tile, and hallways. Clean easy fix: faux wall paneling.  At Faux Direct. we offer faux stone, faux brick, and faux wood panels that are completely impervious to moisture, making them a sinch to clean. Use these in the bathroom, as a kitchen backsplash, or even as an accent wall and you will have a far easier time cleaning than before.  No harsh chemicals necessary!
  • Furniture Fabrics
    Choose fabrics that are stain resistant and durable.  Many people actually opt for outdoor fabric, even on indoor furniture.  You really can’t tell the difference and it is far easier to clean when spills happen. Listen, if you have kids or plan on having them- don’t even think about spending a fortune on fabrics unless you choose the durable stuff.  If you have kids, you know exactly what we are talking about.
  • Storage-Friendly Furniture
    Lastly, try to choose furniture pieces that also double as storage.  For example, coffee tables, bench seating, and ottomans are all pieces that can double as storage.  Use these items to store blankets, extra pillows, and things that you don’t need out at all times.  This will greatly de-clutter your home and help you to clean up quickly when you need to.There you go, guys! Hope this helps when it comes to designing a home that cleans-easy!
April 2, 2018

Renovations? No thanks.  Weekend long renovations?

Now you’re listening.
No one wants to undertake a renovation project that is going to take weeks and weeks.  I mean…people do it, but not without some serious mental, emotional and physical prepping ahead of time.  In the busyness of life, more people would far rather a project that is simple, short and sweet.

So today, we are going to give you some ideas on how you can upgrade your Master bath in a single weekend.

  • Fresh Linens
    As cute as your towels are from 1997….uh….sorry, but they’re not cute at all.  Swap your old, hole-y, bleach-stained towels for some fresh linens.  While getting nice linens used to be a very expensive feat, there are so many stores that make finding inexpensive ones possible.  And you DON’T have to compromise on quality.  Check out Tuesday Morning, Marshalls & Home Goods. Professional tip: opt for white.  You can always keep white looking fresh with bleach! Install a towel bar to arrange your linens nicely.
  • Lighting
    Lighting is HUGE guys! It makes the world of differences.  Get rid of your weird ‘boob’ lights (you know what we are referring to) and opt for some upgraded, modern lighting.  You can find this at your local home improvement stores: Lowe’s & Home Depot.
  • Faux Wall Paneling
    Guys, this one is revolutionary (not that we’re biased).  Faux wall paneling is ah-maaaazing.  You can literally transform your shower into a spa-like oasis in a matter of hours.
    Unlike authentic stone, faux stone panels can be installed with a little adhesive and screws.  It is impervious to moisture so you don’t have to worry about having them in a wet environment.  There is no grout to clean, and they can easily be wiped down with a wet cloth.  They are impervious to mold, mildew and rotting as well!  They look so good around a bathtub or shower.  They are light-weight and super easy to install (DIY if you will).
    You can find a full selection of faux stone, faux brick, and faux wood paneling in our ‘Products’ section on our main page: www.fauxdirect.com.
  • Paint
    Fresh paint can do literal wonders for your bathroom.  Make the room actually feel larger by painting your walls a light, neutral color.  Here’s a link to some of our favorites: https://www.bhg.com/bathroom/color-schemes/neutrals/.
  • Extras
    You can go the extra mile by replacing your bath mat, getting cute hand soaps, and adding fun things like new candles and house plants.  These little touches will go a long way, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Happy weekend renovating, y’all!!

April 2, 2018

Spring has barely begun and Easter is JUST around the corner.  Does your home still give off Winter vibes?

(aka, if your Christmas lights are still up: TAKE THEM DOWN!)

 Spring is about all things pretty.  Pastels, lots of vibrant floral, and fresh greenery.  Here are some ways you can get your home Spring & Easter ready in no time:

  • Declutter Declutter Declutter
    We had to use the word three times to really get our point across here.  They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing!  This is a great time to get rid of crap.  You know, stuff you don’t need.  Stuff that sits around in your house, taking up precious space, making you look like you just came off an episode of hoarders.Get rid of it all!  If you don’t use it or haven’t thought about it in the past month: BUH BYE!  There are many charities you can donate your unwanted stuff to, and many dumpsters you can take your unwanted junk to!
  • Plants for Days
    One look that will never go out of style: fresh greenery and spring floral.  Ever.  Pot those plants!  Put them everywhere!  Place some of various heights at your front door step, place them in every room to clean the air, and use Spring floral for beautiful table centerpieces.
    (Insider tip: if you can’t keep a plant alive, like most people, opt for faux!  There is plenty of gorgeous, authentic looking faux floral at local craft stores.  Put them in a pot of dirt and no one will ever know!  Except you, because you won’t have to remember to water them!)
  • ReDesign
    Spring is a perfectly perfect time to up your design game in your home.  What in your house is outdated that could use a little fixer upper?The easiest, most affordable way to transform a room in your house is through the use of faux wall paneling.  (We know we know, you’re sensing a theme here.)  For reals though, faux wall paneling looks and feels like real stone, wood or brick, but it isn’t!  They are actually made from polyurethane and highly resistant to moisture, weather, UV rays, mold, mildew and rot.
    Faux wall panels are great for creating accent walls, kitchen backsplashes, bathroom transformations, man caves, exterior paneling, and so forth.  Basically, anywhere there’s a wall that could use some texture, faux wall paneling can get the job done.

By implementing these three easy steps, your home will be Spring & Easter ready in absolutely no time.  Declutter, add greenery and floral, and redesign!