August 31, 2016

 If you are lucky enough to have a backyard, you understand what an important feature to a home this is.  It provides space for the dog to run around and do his thing.  It allows for the kiddos to have a swingset and whatever else tickle’s their fancy.  And it provides a great place to relax, gather with friends, and host get togethers.  If it’s time to kick your backyard game up a notch, then this article is for you.  Read on to gather some ideas on how you can accomplish a backyard reno on a budget.

luxurious-backyard-retreat-with-fancy-poolThe first thing to decide is what feel you are going for in your backyard.  The climate can greatly influence this decision.  For example, if you live in a warm, humid climate perhaps you have a pool and spend lots of time outdoors.  In this case, maybe you would think about adding a waterfall to increase the ambiance.  Or, perhaps you live in a dryer climate that cools down at night.  In this instance, maybe you’d like to add a fire pit or an outdoor seating area.  Think about what suits your lifestyle the best, and what you would get the most use out of.

Once the decision has been made, plan out how you wish to go about the reno.  What materials will you use?  A great way to save money and allow more room in the budget is to use faux wall paneling.  You can use faux brick to add to the exterior of your home, faux stone to create a waterfall, firepit, or even a kitchen, and faux wood to create an outdoor shower.  The material is DIY, affordable, and extremely durable.  Basically, its will last for years and years and provide an amazing look to your backyard as the panels appear to be very authentic.

Another way to save money is to shop resale stores.  Who said your outdoor seating area needed to be brand new from Restoration Hardware?  Outdoor furniture can be extremely pricey.  Consider hitting up garage sales, checking on Craigslist, and even shopping at wholesale stores such as Costco or Sam’s Club.

A final way to complete a backyard reno on a budget is to do your own landscaping.  There is no need to hire out this service, as it can run you thousands.  Anyone with capable hands can use a shovel and lawn tools.  Do some research on what plants do best in your climate, and draw out what you want it to look like ahead of time.  Find a local nursery, and get to work!

August 30, 2016

DIY projects are all the rage.  It just adds that much more to your cool factor when you can answer to someone: “Oh, who made that?  That old thing?  No big deal, I did it myself.”  People love to have the satisfaction of completing a job on their own, especially a job that normally could only be done by professionals.  In the home renovation world, in particular, there are so many DIY projects that can be done by the average Joe.  No need to be a carpenter or a specialty builder.  Some of these projects include: reupholstering furniture, distressing furniture, making light fixtures, DIY curtains, DIY accent walls, DIY stone fireplace, and so forth.


Many projects may label themselves as DIY, and while this may be the case, that does not mean the projects are easy.  An example of this would be building your own deck, or installing brand new flooring.  DIY projects tend to be a little more attractive when they are also simple to accomplish.  In order to have this, you need a DIY friendly material.  While authentic brick and stone is not easy to install on your own, faux brick and faux stone are.

Faux wall paneling is the most DIY friendly material there is.  This means that the projects are easy.  No splinters or running the risk of chopping off a finger.  The only thing required to install these bad boys?  Simple caulking or glue, a screwdriver (or drill), and an exact-o knife.  We are not even kidding you!

The panels are super lightweight because they are made out of a material called polyurethane.  Polyurethane is a synthetic material, and it begins in foam form.  The foam is placed into casts of stone, brick, or wood.  Once dried, the panels are painted to match the authentic counterpart exactly.  The end result is amazing, as you cannot tell that the panels aren’t real.  The only giveaway is how lightweight they are, but that is what makes them so DIY friendly.

There are numerous projects that can be completed with faux wall paneling, such as a stone fireplace, a brick kitchen backsplash, a wood accent wall behind your bed, and even an outdoor kitchen!  The panels can be used both indoors and out, as they are UV resistant, weatherproof, and impervious to moisture.  They will last for years to come, and give you the satisfaction of a job well done since you can install them all by yourself!

August 29, 2016

Many things can be accomplished in a single afternoon, such as washing the car, getting in a workout, cooking a meal, or even reading a book.  But something like a home renovation?  Forget about it.  After all, renovations take days, weeks, and even months to complete.  They are expensive, require extensive planning, and involve random strangers in and out of the house.  Right?

Well, typically this is how a renovation project can go.  If, however, you use faux wall paneling, an entire project can be completed in a single afternoon.  That’s right, an afternoon renovation.

renovation-costs-lorimer-ensembleHow is this possible?

Well, faux wall paneling from Faux Direct is made from a synthetic material called polyurethane.  Because of this, the panels are extremely lightweight.  They only require standard tools and either caulk or glue for installation, making them one of the most DIY friendly projects around.  No expensive tool rentals, no messy mortar, and no hiring out contractors.

Do they look real?

In fact, they do.  Faux Direct offers a full line of faux wall paneling, including many varieties of faux wood, faux stone, and faux brick panels.  The polyurethane begins in foam form, and is actually cast from authentic wood, stone, or brick.  The end result, once dried, is painted to match the original counterpart.  They look and feel completely real.  The only giveaway?  How lightweight they are!

Will they last?

They will last longer than you would think.  Polyurethane, by nature, is a closed cell material.  This makes each panel impervious to all types of moisture.  They are resistant to rot, mildew, and mold.  Faux Direct also offers UV resistant, weatherproof, and fire rated panels.  With all of the versatility, you can use the panels indoors and out and even place them around heat sources such as a fireplace or stove.

How can I use them?

Faux wall panels are used for numerous home renovation projects.  The most popular include: accent wall, bathroom shower, kitchen backsplash, kitchen island. home exterior, fireplace, outdoor kitchen, and landscape design.  Take a look at our ‘Applications’ section on our main page to check out these renovations and get visual ideas of the end result.

Are they expensive?

NO! They are as affordable as it gets.  If you were to use authentic brick, stone or wood you would be paying an arm and a leg.  Faux wall panels make highly coveted home renovation projects possible, as they are affordable, easy to install, and can be done in a single afternoon!

August 28, 2016

When a couple wants to go out on a romantic date night, dinner reservations are made ahead of time.  When a baby is coming, a shower is thrown and a nursery decorated.  When a family takes a vacation, hotels and airfare are booked.  When you are going to renovate your home or business, the process should be thought out in advance, just like anything else in life.  However, so often people leave choices to the very last minute and hasty decisions are made.  Because of this, a renovation may not go as originally desired.  Do yourself a favor, and if you are planning a home or office reno and actually want it to go over well, do the wise thing and plan out how you are going to tackle it in advance.

renovate2Do yourself a favor, and if you are planning a home or office reno and actually want it to go over well, do the wise thing and plan out how you are going to tackle it in advance.

  1. Draw a Budget. First things first, you must be able to afford what you are going to do.  Although there are many out there who believe the motto “buy what you want, pay what you can”, it really isn’t wise.  In the end you will be paying for it multiple times over once you factor in interest.  Save up your money, and pay cash for the project.  When you go to sell down the road it will just be money in your pocket.  Win win.  Draw up a budget, and stick to it.
  2. Choose the Area. What room(s) of the house do you plan to renovate?  Is it just a portion of the house, or multiple areas?  Then, make sure it fits in your budget.
  3. Select Your Project. Are you looking to renovate your kitchen?  What all will you do?  Perhaps you want to add a backsplash and get new appliances.  Perhaps you want to break down a wall and completely rearrange the layout.  It can be extremely helpful to draw out the plan on paper so you have a visual idea of what the end result will look like.
  4. Choose Your Materials and Contractors. This category can really make or break your budget.  Will you choose expensive, high-end materials from specialty stores?  Or, will you search for more affordable materials?  Faux Direct offers faux wall paneling, which is an affordable alternative to authentic stone, brick, or wood.  As far as contractors go, many things have to be hired out.  If you choose faux wall paneling to complete, say a kitchen backsplash, you can actually save even more money by tackling the project on your own.  If possible, look for DIY projects to complete.
  5. Make a Timeline. Create a realistic timeline for when you’d like the project to be completed.  Do not stress yourself out by giving yourself too little time to get the job done.
  6. Have Fun!
August 27, 2016

Typically, upgrading any part of your home is anything but budget friendly.  If you are looking to wrap up the summer right and make some changes to your home for the coming season, but do not want to spend lots of money, then this post is for you.


Read on to get some useful tips on how you can accomplish fast and easy budget friendly upgrades to your home.

  1. Fresh Coat of Paint. This is probably the easiest way to make a total transformation in a room.  You can paint one wall or multiple walls.  Find your favorite paint color and take it to Lowe’s or Home Depot to color match the paint for free.  Choose an affordable brand, grab a paint brush and some painting tape, and head home for a night of DIY fun.  Choose a lighter color to create an open and airy feel to the room.  Light colors tend to make a room feel larger, where darker colors can make a room feel smaller.
  2. Affordable Crown Moulding. Crown moulding can really complete the look of the room.  It adds a clean feel and simultaneously adds value to the home.  It can be expensive and tricky to apply, however, with lots of cutting and angling.  Canamould Extrusions makes a moulding called Trimroc.  It is made from polystyrene foam and is coated in plaster.  It only takes a hand saw to smoothly cut through it and is secured with a joint compound. The cost is only $120 and can be done over the weekend.
  3. Faux Wall Paneling. This budget friendly upgrade can be accomplished in a single afternoon.  Faux Stone panels from Faux Direct come in a variety of types: faux stone, faux brick, and faux wood.  These panels can be used for a number of applications, including a kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower, accent wall, fireplace, and so forth.  They are easy to apply on your own and only require standard tools.  They will last for years to come as they are resistant to mold, mildew, and rot as well as are weatherproof and UV resistant for outdoor use.  Opt for faux wall paneling versus the authentic counterparts and save hundreds to thousands of dollars on gorgeous renovations.
  4. Add Paint to Kitchen Cabinets. Adding fresh paint to your kitchen cabinets will make the room feel new and clean. No need to spend a fortune on new cabinets, as you can easily to this yourself with sandpaper, paint, and a little elbow grease.
August 26, 2016

Keeping your home clean is a full time job.  For those of us that cannot afford to pay someone to constantly pick up after us, we have to do the job ourselves.  With work, school activities, social activities, and so forth, there is little time leftover to spend time cleaning.  When you have kids in and out of the house and constant meals to prep, it can seem like the mess literally never goes away.  Even if you tidy up after yourself, it can feel like no cleaning at all was accomplished.

One way to cut down on the amount of cleaning that needs to be done is by choosing your materials wisely.  The easiest material to clean is faux wall paneling and it can be used for such a wide variety of applications.  For example, if you were to create a stone shower in your bathroom, you could use faux stone panels instead of authentic ones.  If you wanted a brick backsplash in your kitchen, opt for one of Faux Direct’s gorgeous faux brick paneling. If you wanted a gorgeous wood backsplash in your kitchen or wrapped around your kitchen island to really make a statement, use faux wood paneling instead of authentic wood.  These are just a few ways that Faux Direct’s faux wall paneling can be used.

FD stone shower

The reason our faux wall panels are so easy to clean is due to the material they are made from.  All of our panels are constructed from a synthetic material called polyurethane.  The polyurethane begins in foam form, and is cast from authentic stone, brick, or wood.  Once dried, it is painted to match the authentic counterpart exactly.  The end result is literally uncanny.  The only giveaway is how lightweight the material is, but because of this you can actually install them yourself.  They are one of the friendliest DIY projects around, and only take several hours to accomplish.

Polyurethane, by nature, is a closed cell material.  This means no moisture whatsoever is able to penetrate the surface of the panels.  Because of this, the panels are easily wiped down and no harsh chemicals are required.  In a kitchen backsplash, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing pasta sauce out of the grout for hours.  In the shower, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing mold out from in between the stone pieces.  Those cleaning jobs can take hours and seem like they constantly need to be done.  With faux wall paneling, you won’t have to worry about a thing! They are resistant to mold, mildew, and rot and by far the easiest material to clean available on the market today.

August 25, 2016

If you could take your current kitchen and completely transform it with a new backsplash or kitchen island, would you?  You might be thinking this is anything but possible.  After all, a typical kitchen remodel usually takes weeks if not months to accomplish.  There are materials to search for, then they must be purchased, contractors to find and hire out, tools to be rented, and so forth.  Not to mention the biggest mess you can dream up that will make it impossible for you to even use your kitchen until the renovation process is over.  A single day kitchen remodel is only possible for someone with superpowers, right?

i dream of jeannie



You can be your own genie and remodel your kitchen in one day if you use faux wall paneling.  That’s right friends, we said one.

How is this possible, right?  Well first off, faux wall paneling is DIY.


DIY meme

Now at the initial sound of it, having a DIY kitchen remodel project definitely does not sound like something that can be done in a day.  But with faux wall panels, a typical backsplash or island project only takes several hours to complete.  Several hours.  That means less than a day! The panels come ready to apply.  All that is required are a few standard tools and simple caulking or glue.

FD faux brick kitchen backsplash

If you were to create a kitchen backsplash using one of our gorgeous faux brick or faux stone options, you would not have to first complete the typical process of sanding down the current drywall.  The panels are placed easily over the current surface.  In addition to this, there is no need to rent out expensive tools you would normally have to in order to cut thick stones or tiles.  The panels are easily trimmed using an exacto knife, and only if you wish to do so in order to vary the sizes.  There is also no mortar required, as this makes the biggest mess of all when using authentic stone, brick, or tile.  Lastly, you won’t have to seal the panels, as they are synthetic and will not require it.

In addition to being able to transform your kitchen in a single day with faux wall paneling, you will be happy to hear that they will last for years to come.  At Faux Direct, each panel is made from the highest quality polyurethane.  The panels are resistant to moisture, making them easy to clean and resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.  They also won’t crack, dent, or chip!

August 24, 2016

Taking on a renovation project is no easy feat.  There is a whole lot to consider before you go busting down a wall or transforming a room in your house.  You must first plan out what will be done.  You should also set a budget prior to shopping for your materials.  Then, you have to try to stay within that budget (fat chance), and plan out how long the project will take.  What contractors will complete the job?  Will you be able to do any on your own?  Before the final result is accomplished you also have to factor in time where certain areas of your house may be unusable.  Any sort of painting or construction project generally results in a bit of a mess.  Then, when it’s all said and done you, may have a beautiful outcome but the chances of having a few extra gray hairs and a few less dollars in the bank are pretty high.  Sounds fun, right?

brick behind bedWhat if there were a material that would make a renovation project actually manageable?  What if the same material was affordable and could be applied by yourself?  What if that material also was so resilient that it could be placed in almost any setting without fear or worry that it would become damaged?

Good news folks, because there is!  Faux wall paneling.

Faux wall paneling makes renovation projects easy to manage.  There is such a wide variety of faux wall panels at Faux Direct, with numerous choices of faux stone, faux brick, and faux wood panels.  The panels can be used for so many renovation projects, including accent walls, kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, outdoor showers, outdoor kitchens, waterfalls, business design, monument signs, entry gates, and so forth.

This material is ideal for a manageable renovation project because the material can be easily ordered online, and once arrived applied on your own.  Even better?  A typical project only takes several hours!  This means a few things guys: no contractor fees and no down time such as with a typical, messy renovation project.  In addition to all of this?  The panels are super duper affordable!  (Unlike authentic stone, brick, or wood).  No need to fret about them being synthetic because Faux Direct uses the highest quality polyurethane to create them and they look and feel so real that no one will be able to tell the difference.  If you are in need of a renovation in your home or business, look no further.  Faux wall paneling is your solution for a fun and manageable project.

August 23, 2016

If you know anything about faux wall paneling, are familiar with our company, or have followed our blog, then you have heard time and time again about the ‘versatility’ of faux wall paneling.  And that’s because faux wall paneling really is one of the most versatile products on the market.  They are used for such a wide variety of design projects across a plethora of settings.  They are used indoors and out, and used for personal as well as business related design.  The reasons for this?  They are affordable, easy to install, even fun to install (DIY), and last for years to come.  (The reason for those reasons is because of Polyurethane, but we will save that for another day.)

FD stone accent wall behind tubSo, how are faux wall panels used?  Here are some of the many uses:

  1. Accent Wall. This is by far the most popular use of faux wall panels.  Who doesn’t love an accent wall?  They add a unique touch, leave a lasting impression, and do an excellent job at highlighting specific features in a home (bed, artwork, etc.).
  2. Everyone loves the look of a stone fireplace, but not everyone loves the associated price tag.  Solution? Faux stone panels.  Not to worry, they are fire rated!
  3. Kitchen Backsplash. A backsplash is not only aesthetically pleasing, but catches the mess made when cooking.  If you use faux wall paneling you will rest assured knowing the panels are impervious to moisture and can be easily wiped clean.
  4. Bathroom makeovers. Faux wall panels are placed most commonly inside a shower or along the walls of a tub.  Talk about having a spa right in your own home!  Because they are impervious to moisture, they cannot grow mildew, rot, or mold! Sounds like a win win situation.
  5. Outdoor Kitchen. Hello Summer! (Or any season where the weather is nice enough to host an outdoor get together).  Using faux wall paneling to create this feature will save you time, money, and a whole lotta headaches. Their UV resistant quality will keep them looking amazing no matter how harsh the long Summer days are.
  6. Man Cave. Becoming a more popular room in the home, faux stone panels are the perfect way to make this room feel authentic.  Say goodbye to the days of weird posters and smelly mismatched couches.  Use faux wall paneling and create a man cave that will make the ladies jealous.
  7. Monument Signs. Lets face it guys, people do judge books by their cover.  The monument sign is basically the face of your business.  Use faux wall panels to create a unique look that will weather the storms.  All of our panels are designed to withstand all types of weather, both hot and cold!

These are just some of the uses of faux wall paneling.  Head to our website under the ‘applications’ section to read more!

August 21, 2016

Do you own a business?  If not currently, do you plan on opening one up someday?  If you are a business owner, whether small or large, you understand that a lot goes into opening up a store or office.  There are legal issues to take care of, stocking the place with supplies and goods, hiring new employees, and so forth.  In addition to all of these things, you also have to consider your interior design.  This is a key factor to your success and it is one that is often overlooked.  Your design can make or break your business.  If you are opening a store where you will be selling material goods, you want your design to be inviting, unique, and stand out in your customer’s minds.  If you are opening an office, you want the design to be comfortable for your employees to work in.  If it is a healthcare facility, then your design could not be more important, as the interior feel will have a huge impact on your patients’ experience and overall assessment of your practice.

faux stone dental office

Adding one more thing to the list of ‘to do’s’ can feel quite overwhelming as expenses are piling up on top of one another.  Your interior design does not have to be another expensive task to check off your list.  Instead of breaking the bank in this category, consider the use of faux wall paneling.

Many business owners love the use of faux wall paneling for their interior design simply because of how beautiful they are.  It is only a bonus that they are so cost effective. At Faux Direct we offer a wide variety of faux stone, faux wood, and faux brick paneling.  All of our options have been used inside various business locations. They look amazing around cash wraps or behind the cash wrap as an accent wall.  They can be used to create a waterfall when you walk into a physician’s office to create a relaxing feel.  They can even be used to jazz up bathrooms, work spaces, and placed behind merchandise.  Whatever design you have in mind, you can do it with faux wall paneling.

Faux Direct’s panels are cost effective due to the synthetic polyurethane they are made from.  Despite being synthetic, the panels still look and feel incredibly real and we offer only the highest of quality.  You can also apply them yourself in a matter of several hours and eliminate having to pay out a contractor.  Head to our ‘Products’ section to see which faux wall paneling would suit your business best.