April 6, 2016

Unless you are someone like Joanna Gaines who was just born talented with a good eye and insanely amazing taste, designing your home can take a bit of effort.  After reading blog after blog, watching episode after episode on HGTV, and flipping through every magazine on the shelf, your head is left spinning.  Where in the world are design ideas that are actually easy to accomplish?  Especially for the average Joe?


Lucky for you, you’ve landed in just the place.  Read on for some easy design ideas that will have you feeling like the next Fixer Upper!

  1. Transform Inexpensive Furniture. With a little consignment store searching, you are sure to find pieces of furniture that with a little paint, can be completely transformed.  Look for pieces that are sturdy and solid.  No matter what they look like on the outside, if you have a good base to work with you are golden.  Select your favorite color of Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, and go to town on that bad boy!  In no time you will have a gorgeous, new looking piece of furniture to add to your mix.
  2. Mix & Match. Colors and patterns do not need to all be the same.  In fact, nowadays, that simply is not in style.  Sorry Grandma, but your overwhelming love of floral makes most people nauseous.  Try mixing and matching bold colors and patterns on your bedding, for example.  The end result will be unique and fun!
  3. Faux Stone Paneling. If you have always dreamt of gorgeous stone walls, whether they be around the fireplace, in the bathroom, or even just a simple accent wall, faux stone paneling is the easiest way to accomplish this. You can select from a wide variety under our ‘Products’ section, and make your dream a reality in a single afternoon.  They are affordable, easy to apply, and the end result will look like you spent a fortune.
  4. Fresh Paint. A fresh coat of paint to a wall does wonders.  Opt for light, neutral, airy tones to make your room feel bigger and brighter.  You can even go with the new trend of only painting half the wall.  This gives off a unique and stylish feel, and only takes half the time to accomplish!
  5. Open Shelving. Open shelving in a kitchen makes a design statement all in itself.  Add to it with funky, mis-matched dishes.  You don’t have to spend tons on plates and bowls from Anthropologie.  Now, you can actually find the same fun and unique patterns at stores like TJMaxx and Home Goods!
April 6, 2016

If you want to completely transform the interior or exterior of your home, faux wall paneling is the way to do it.  #WINNING will be the motto you sing to yourself every time you lay eyes on your gorgeous walls.  From wood to stone to brick, Faux Direct has it all.  The application opportunities are endless, as nearly anything you can imagine can be done with faux wall panels.  Want a gorgeous stone fireplace?  Brick backsplashed kitchen? Wood wainscoting up your staircase? Spa like bathroom?  Stone poolside exterior kitchen?  You name it, we have the tools to make it happen.


The reason faux wall panels are the way to go is because of how affordable, durable, and easy to apply they are.


When it comes to using either authentic brick, stone, or wood, you are guaranteed to pay a small fortune.  The materials themselves, the tools required to install them, and the labor costs alone will run you thousands.  The end result may be gorgeous, but there is no need to go into debt for a renovation.  With faux wall paneling, your dream renovation can become a reality without spending all your money in one place.  All of our faux wall panels are made from a high quality polyurethane material, which is what keeps the costs so low.  Just because the material is synthetic, however, does not mean they do not look real.  Their authentic appearance will make your jaw drop. #winning


It is so important to invest in something that is going to last.  Otherwise, what is the point?  Faux wall panels are so resilient that they can almost withstand anything.  They are impervious to moisture, which makes them resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.  They are termite resistant, UV resistant, and weatherproof.  Last but not least, Faux Direct has fire rated options available so they can be placed around heat sources such as fireplaces and stoves. #winning

Easy to Apply.

Faux wall panels can be applied by even the most novice of DIYers.  Simple caulking or glue along with a few standard tools and you can have the job done in no time.  Each panel is extremely lightweight, only weighing around 7lbs, and most people can complete an entire faux wall paneling project in a single afternoon.  We have a great step-by-step installation guide listed on our ‘Resources Tab’.

If you are looking to renovate, look no further for what material you will use.  Faux walls for the win!

April 4, 2016

Renovating can be an extremely tiring, long, tedious project.  People in and out of the house, waiting for weeks upon weeks for materials to arrive, messes you never could have imagined possible, and money flying out the window like it ain’t no thang.  Because of this, many people avoid renovations like the plague.  They would rather purchase a move in ready home and spend even more money than they would on a fixer upper, just because the thought of redoing a kitchen sends chills up their spine.  Well, if you didn’t know the little secret about faux wall paneling, then all of the aforementioned fears would be warranted.  However, because of this divine material, you can actually renovate your home quickly and on a budget!  Who knew?

What if you were to customize your rather boring, plain fireplace by adding stone from the floor to the ceiling?  A fireplace is a rather sought after amenity in a home, especially if you live in a cold climate.  So you know that by doing this you will absolutely add value to your home.  But think about it.  First and foremost you would need to purchase the stone.  Stone is crazy expensive.  Who knew rocks could cost you so much money, right?  In addition to the stone itself, which will run you thousands, you will need to rent some heavy duty equipment capable of cutting through rock.  You will probably also need to hire out the installation to someone who knows what they are doing.  When it is all said and done, you are a couple G’s poorer.  Sorry, but that is just the reality of it all.

Now, imagine if you created that exact same fireplace, but used faux stone paneling.  You might be worried that because it is synthetic it just wouldn’t look as nice.


Faux Direct’s faux stone paneling looks and feels so real, that not even the savviest of individuals can decipher the difference between the two.  Literally the only difference is how lightweight the panel is.  But because of that, you can install it yourself.  All you need are a few standard tools and simple caulking.  Not only have you already saved money by using faux stone, but you have eliminated installation costs completely.  In addition to this, a faux stone fireplace typically only takes several hours to install.

So there you go, a total renovation on a budget, done in a quick amount of time, and installed by yourself!  Which would you rather have?  The expensive, time consuming authentic stone fireplace?  Or the easy, budget friendly, just as gorgeous faux stone ?

Faux Stone Fireplacewhitelogo


April 4, 2016

Have you spent hours daydreaming about what your dream home will look like?  Perhaps it is the current home you live in after having undergone massive renovations.  Maybe you dream about a gorgeous stone shower that makes you feel like you’ve been transported into a dreamy spa.  Or, maybe it’s a brick fireplace that runs from the floor all the way up the cascading walls to the cathedral ceiling.  Perhaps your dream involves a kitchen with a gorgeous stone backsplash that wasn’t impossible to keep clean.

FD faux brick kitchen backsplash

If you have day dreamt about your dream home, but never actually made it happen, what stops you?  Is it cost?  Do your dreams seem too good to be true?

Well, if in order to make that dream a reality you had to spend tons of money on expensive brick and stone in addition to labor, they may only remain just that: a dream.  If, however, there was a material that looked and felt exactly like authentic stone and brick, but didn’t cost as much and you could install it yourself, then it might seem much more attainable.

The good news: there is a material that does just that!  Faux brick and faux stone paneling. Both of which look and feel extremely authentic, just like the real brick and stone, however they are made from a synthetic material called polyurethane.

Polyurethane is great for several reasons: it is lightweight, it is affordable, and extremely durable.  Because it is so lightweight, you can install the panels yourself.  The only things required are a few standard tools and simple caulking or glue.  Authentic brick and stone must be cut and assembled with messy and expensive mortar that is nearly impossible to keep clean.  Polyurethane, by nature, is a closed cell material which makes it impervious to moisture.  This enables you to easily wipe it off and keep clean without the use of harsh chemicals.  It also makes the panels resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.  And get this, if you wish to use the faux wall paneling outside, you can!  Faux Direct’s faux brick and faux stone panels are UV resistant and weatherproof!

The bottom line here: your dreams can become a reality when you use faux brick or faux stone paneling.  Create that gorgeous shower, fireplace, or kitchen in a matter of hours.

Look at how our customers really did make their dreams a reality with our faux wall paneling:


faux wall paneling

April 1, 2016

Are you looking to completely renovate your kitchen, but do so in a way that actually allows the space to be live-able?  There are so many people out there who customize their homes to make them absolutely gorgeous, however you feel like you cannot even sit on the couch without it costing the owner thousands.  Homes are meant to be lived in.  If you have children, you understand this more than anyone.  Messes will happen, spills will occur daily, and having a super expensive delicate kitchen is simply not feasible for the average American family.  With faux brick paneling, you can have an entirely mess proof kitchen without losing the ability to still have a gorgeous, customized look.

Faux brick paneling is ideal for a kitchen backsplash around the counter, the wall, or even around the kitchen island.  How many times has little Johnny skated through the room on his heelys and ran right into the wall, scuffing it up before you have time to blink?  Faux brick paneling allows the room to be completely durable, low maintenance, and mess proof.

Look at the way this kitchen incorporated faux brick paneling:

This one as well:

FD faux brick kitchen backsplash

The reason faux brick paneling allows for a total mess proof kitchen is because of the high quality polyurethane material it is made from.  The polyurethane begins in foam form, and is actually cast from authentic brick.  Once dried, it is then painted to match the brick it is imitating.  The end result is absolutely uncanny, with the only giveaway being how lightweight the panel is.  Polyurethane, by nature, is a closed cell material, and therefore impervious to moisture.  This makes all Faux Direct’s faux brick paneling resistant to mold, mildew, and rot!  In a kitchen setting this is perfect seeing as it is a high moisture zone that will see quite a few splashes and spills in its day.  All that is required to clean your faux brick panels is a damp rag; no harsh chemicals required. Another thing that makes these panels so durable is that they will not crack, dent, or chip!  How’s that for little Johnny’s heelys adventures?

At Faux Direct, there are so many faux brick paneling options to choose from so you can give your kitchen the exact look you are going for.  If you do not see something you love, the customer service team will work with you to give you the customized look of your dreams.

The best part about using faux brick paneling to create your mess proof kitchen?  They are totally DIY!

April 1, 2016

Spring is here, which means it is finally time for the weather to actually be enjoyed.  No more shivering by the fire and layering your clothes.  No more heavy boots and clunky coats every time you come and go.  The clothes get cuter, the sun shines brighter, and the birds sing a little prettier.  The best part about the weather warming up?  You finally get to enjoy that backyard of yours!  Bring on the cookouts, corn hole games, and kids jumping into the pool.

retaining wall (1)

Is your backyard thoroughly ready to be enjoyed?  Many people take advantage of the new Spring weather by trimming their shrubs, getting rid of all the dead stuff, fertilizing their lawn, and maybe even splurging on some new furniture and landscaping.  After all, if you are going to spend so much time outside and have friends over, you want it to be nice to look at.

plants in backyard

Read on to gather some tips on how you can make your backyard jaw dropping worthy this season!

  1. New Plants. New plants full of color will add life and vibrance to your backyard.  This does not need to be an expensive feat either.  Head to your local home improvement store and browse the sale racks.  They often put perfectly good plants on those racks in order to make room for more.
  2. Build a Fireplace. Having a fire pit is a nice way to entertain the crowds and give your guests a place to sit to enjoy conversation.  The kids can roast mallows while the adults enjoy a cold brew.  This doesn’t need to be expensive either.  You can use faux brick or faux stone paneling to make an amazing fire pit in a matter of hours.
  3. Landscape Rock. Add some variety in your landscaping by creating a retaining wall made from faux stone paneling.  It looks amazingly real, and is so durable it will last for years to come.  Faux stone panels are UV resistant and weatherproof.
  4. Create an Outdoor Shower. A nice amenity to have after a long day of swimming in the pool is a place for people to rinse and clean off before traipsing through your house.  You can simply connect a hose and have it spray down from a tree branch, or you can go the extra mile and make a free standing shower from faux wood paneling from Faux Direct.