February 29, 2016

Utility rooms generally do not come up often in day to day conversation.  Most people have one, but they are not typically a room worth talking about.  They are generally cramped, messy rooms with overstuffed shelves.  Many people do not take the time to organize, design, and make their utility room look aesthetically pleasing.  However, more time is spent in the utility room than one might recognize.  Oftentimes it is the first room you enter in a house through a garage.  And doing laundry takes longer than five minutes, especially when folding and ironing are involved.  So then, why does this poor little room get overlooked so much?

The best way to make your utility room worth talking about is by spending time making it aesthetically pleasing.  At Faux Direct, we sell many faux brick and faux stone paneling to people looking to redesign their utility rooms, because they are the perfect way to add texture and character.  Adding faux stone or faux brick paneling is often the missing piece in a utility room because it adds just enough to make the room feel cozy, homey, and inviting.  As silly as it sounds for a utility room to be cozy, don’t you think that having that vibe would probably encourage you to be in there more often?  Perhaps the laundry wouldn’t pile up into mountains quite as often in your home if you had a utility room that felt good to be in.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, your utility room should be organized.  Add cabinets if you have open shelving and keep your items easy to locate and put away.  Add storage bins and neatly tuck away items that aren’t currently in use, such as the iron and ironing board.  If your utility room is also the room you enter through the garage, add a matt for people to wipe off their shoes as well as a shoe rack to keep shoes from being strewn every which way.  You can also add a hook rack on the wall where your keys, dog leashes, and coats can go.

Look at this utility room with gorgeous faux brick paneling:

utility room 1


This utility room is very organized with the cabinetry and storage baskets:

utility room 2


You can make your utility room worth talking about by enhancing its aesthetic appeal with faux brick or faux stone paneling as well as organizing your items to give the room a clean, neat feel.

February 29, 2016

Sometimes it takes more than pretty plants to really make landscaping look good.  Sure, your pants should be trimmed and watered and your grass should be cut.  Ideally, weeds are kept to a minimum and there’s a nice sitting area outside in order to enjoy the views.  But what if you added a little texture and contrast?  Wouldn’t that really add some character and pizazz to your exterior design?  They make landscaping rock, stone, and pavers for a reason!  However, the aforementioned items can be quite pricey.  Especially if you pay to have them delivered and installed.  At the end of the day you’d rather spend your money on a nice vacation then some landscaping contrast!

With faux stone paneling, however, you can still add the gorgeous texture and contrast you are going for, without spending an arm and a leg on materials and installation.  Faux stone paneling is extremely affordable, because it is not made out of authentic stone.  All of our faux stone panels are created from a high quality polyurethane, and look and feel exactly like authentic stone.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  It kind of is!  The panels are all very lightweight, which enables you to install them on your own.  The only necessities in order to get the job done are caulking adhesive and a few standard tools (exact-o knife, drill, and a hammer).

The best part about using faux stone in your landscaping is that it’s very durable.  Our faux stone panels are impervious to moisture (thank you, Polyurethane!) and resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.  They are UV resistant, and designed to withstand the effects of all types of weather, both hot and cold.  This keeps them lasting and looking great for years to come.

So, the bottom line here, is that you can indeed add the gorgeous look of stone to your backyard without using actual stone! You will save money on materials and eliminate labor costs completely.  There will be little to no maintenance.  And last but not least, you will have a fun DIY project to complete in the process.  Head to our ‘Products’ section to view all of our faux stone paneling options.  Don’t see something you love? We’d be happy to work with you in order to create a custom order.

Look at the gorgeous way faux stone paneling was incorporated into this backyard:

backyard with stone retaining wall

February 29, 2016

When renovating a kitchen, one can become uber flustered when deciding on what materials to use.  You want something affordable, yet high quality.  You want something durable, yet still aesthetically pleasing.  And you want something that can be completed in a decent, efficient amount of time.  All of these decisions are enough to make the average person’s head spin.  Especially if you are trying to accomplish this on your own, and not spend an arm and a leg on an interior designer with a team of contractors.

Not to worry, because Faux Direct has the solution you are looking for: faux stone paneling.

Faux stone paneling is both affordable and high quality.  The reason for this is because it is made out of the highest quality polyurethane.  It begins in foam form, and is placed into a mold of authentic stone.  The foam then takes the same shape and form of the authentic stone, and once it is dry it is painted to look exactly the same.  The only giveaway is how much the panel weighs!  Polyurethane is extremely affordable, especially when compared to authentic stone.  And, you are not compromising quality when going the faux stone route, because polyurethane is strong and looks incredibly realistic.

Faux Stone Backsplashwhitelogo-2

Faux stone paneling is both durable and still aesthetically pleasing.  Sometimes, when choosing durable materials, you can compromise on the way the end result looks.  You can tell when things look ‘cheapy’, if you know what we mean.  This is not the case with faux stone paneling, however.  It still looks amazing and authentic, but is so incredibly durable you will not believe what it’s capable of.  Our faux stone paneling is impervious to moisture, which makes them mold, mildew, and rot resistant.  When cooking in the kitchen, we understand things can get a little messy.  This won’t phase your faux stone backsplash, however, as they can be easily wiped down without the use of harsh chemicals.

And last but not least, faux stone paneling can be installed in an efficient amount of time.  Renovating a kitchen can take a long time if you choose the wrong materials.  With faux stone paneling, however, you can create a kitchen backsplash or cover a kitchen island in a single afternoon.  All of our panels are DIY, and do not require a contractor to install.  All that’s needed is either caulk or glue and a few standard tools.  How’s that for a kitchen win?

February 29, 2016

These aren’t some of the single most popular song lyrics for nothing.  It’s true!  Girls just want to have fun.  An amazing way to have fun is through DIY projects, especially home renovation ones.  We know what you must be thinking: “Those types of projects are either for Joanna Gaines or really buff men.  They usually involve heavy machinery and materials that require fork lifts or Popeye to maneuver around.”  WRONG!  Girls can renovate too, and have fun in the process with DIY faux wall paneling.  The female race doesn’t get enough credit these days for how tough and strong they really are.  So ladies, listen up, because this one’s for you.

sarah-beeny-2_1917816bFirst of all, faux wall paneling from Faux Direct comes in three major categories: faux stone, faux brick, and faux wood. All three of them look and feel exactly like authentic stone, brick and wood, however they are made from high quality polyurethane instead.  Polyurethane is great because it is impervious to moisture, therefore it is resistant to mold, mildew, and rot and can be easily cleaned (unlike traditional grout found in between stone and brick).  They are also super lightweight, which doesn’t matter for lots of ladies out there who can school the average dude in the gym.  However, it is a benefit, and only makes them that much easier to install.


The only things required to install faux wall paneling are either caulk or glue (depending on the environment you are putting them in), as well as a few standard tools.  They generally take several hours to complete, but can be done in half the time with a few gal pals and a bottle of wine.  The best part about faux wall paneling?  You can place them both indoors and out.  There are a wide variety of applications for these panels, such as accent walls, kitchen back splashes, bathroom interior, exterior of home, deck paneling, entry gates, and so much more.  (For a complete list, check out our ‘Application’ section).

If you do not fall absolutely in love with any of our faux wall paneling listed on our site, our Customer Service team would be happy to work alongside you to create a custom order.  Girls, in the end, you will have a gorgeous end result, have had more than fun in the process, and saved a ton of time and money by choosing faux wall paneling.

February 29, 2016

Perhaps you are looking around your house wondering how suddenly everything you own looks dated.  Unfortunately, people, the times change.  And they change fast.  If you are into your plastic covered couch, doilies on your coffee table, and floral wallpaper, then rock it confidently.  If you are ready to move on and get in on the latest trends, designs, and colors in 2016, then perhaps it is time to redesign one or more rooms in your home.  This can be a very overwhelming process, so we are here to walk you through it without you having to turn to the bottle of whiskey or Xanax in order to get the job done.

First things first, where does one begin?  You must first know not to expect perfection.  If you expect your home to look like it came straight out of Coastal Living once you are finished with it, you are only setting yourself up for failure. Because, let’s be honest, no one actually lives in those homes.  “I love all white everything,” said no Mom ever.  Magazine homes are not realistic depictions of what you should expect, so have that expectation right from the get go.


Number two, decide your budget ahead of time.  What do you reasonably have to spend on a redesign project right now?  Do not go into debt over redecorating your house, unless you are ready to sell next week and you will make money in the process.  It just isn’t wise.  Decide your budget, and then understand what is realistic from there.  What materials can you afford?  How many rooms can you redesign?  Where will you need to shop to maximize your budget?  Surprisingly, you can save lots of money by just being wise about your materials and where you will purchase items like furniture, etc.  Faux wall paneling, for instance, provides the same great look and feel of authentic stone, brick, or wood without costing you the same amount of money.  You can also install it on your own.  Also, you can shop for furniture items at consignment stores rather than spend an arm and a leg at a big name furniture company.

Lastly, decide the time frame in which you wish the redesign to take place.  Don’t put pressure on yourself to remodel your home in a single weekend.  While some projects, such as installing faux wall paneling, only take several hours to complete, others will take more time. Be realistic, give yourself leeway, and most of all: enjoy!

February 29, 2016

Brick adds a great look and texture to the exterior of a home, especially in places where plain vinyl paneling runs rampant.  Plain paneling is often chosen because it is the most affordable option out there, however it generally looks pretty plain.  Many people wish they could add the great look of brick to the exterior of their home, but they just don’t see it as a viable option due to the cost and time it would take to have it applied.

At Faux Direct, this is simply not the case.  Being stuck with plain vinyl paneling is not the only option out there, contrary to popular belief.  At Faux Direct we offer affordable, high-end, gorgeous faux brick paneling.  Although similar to plain vinyl paneling, it is much more high quality and provides the look and texture of authentic brick.  All of our faux brick paneling is made from high quality polyurethane.  The polyurethane starts out in foam form, and is then placed into actual brick molds.  The foam takes the exact same shape and form, and once the panels are dried they are painted to look exactly the same.  The end result is astounding, and the only giveaway is how lightweight the panel is.  However, because of this feature, you can actually install them on your own.

Check out the authentic look of this Chicago brick panel:

FD brick angle

Jump on the DIY train with these faux brick panels as they are super easy to apply.  All that is required are a few standard tools and some caulking adhesive.  They are secured with screws, and the touch-up paint is used at the end to cover up any that are showing as well as any other imperfections.

Imagine how great these faux brick panels will look accentuating the exterior of your home.  You can use them to cover the front, sides, or back (or all three!) entirely, or you can just add them to certain portions of the house.  Many people add them to the base of their front columns in order to provide a great contrast as well as simultaneously add texture to the front of the home.

Check out the following examples of faux brick paneling used to accentuate the home exterior without costing an arm and a leg:

faux brick red exterior

brick on portion of hosue


You can add the gorgeous look of brick to your home without using actual brick!

February 29, 2016

In case you haven’t noticed, Spring is just around the corner, and no, the groundhog did not see his shadow this year.  This means warmer weather, greener grass, and a time for new beginnings.  Many people use Spring as a great excuse to make a change, whether it is a personal one or a more general one such as a home makeover.  The act of Spring cleaning, out with the old and in with the new, is often a time where people decide they want to make a change on the interior or exterior of their homes.

In warmer climates, spring has already sprung and people are getting a jumpstart on these home makeover projects.  We are going to give you the in on the top three Spring transformations that will be taking place this season, all through the use of faux wall paneling.

  1. Bathroom Remodel. Bathrooms are rooms with lots of wear and tear, especially with kiddos in the house.  Spring is an excellent time to remodel the bathroom, and add value to your house in the process.  The bathroom featured below added faux stone paneling to their shower in order to change the entire look and feel of the room.  The faux stone paneling was a perfect addition as it is resistant to moisture, so no mildew, rot, or mold will build up with repeated showering and bathing.
  2. FD stone shower

  3. Kitchen Remodel. Along with bathrooms, kitchens are the main selling feature of a home.  People want to be able to picture themselves cooking and sharing meals with families in a kitchen prior to purchasing a house, so having an updated, cozy kitchen can never hurt.  This kitchen was transformed by adding faux brick paneling to create a kitchen backsplash.  The best part about this backsplash? It is completely easy to clean, and only requires a damp rag to do so.
  4. Accent Wall Addition. An accent wall is the perfect way to create a contrast in a room by highlighting a specific wall or bringing a feature on a wall to the focal point.  They are also great at delineating one room from another, especially in an open concept floor plan.  The best part about the accent wall featured below?  It was done by the owner herself!  All of our faux wall paneling from Faux Direct is lightweight and totally DIY.

accent wall living room

There you have it, the secret to the perfect Spring transformations.  Head to our ‘Products’ section now to check out our wide variety of faux wall paneling, and get on board with what’s hot in the design world this season.

February 26, 2016

Do you ever get the inkling to go out, get your hands dirty, and complete a project?  For some people it is planting a garden, for others it is working on a car, and for some it is through DIY projects.  No matter what it is, these types of situations allow for full creativity as you are the  ultimate decider of the end result.  This can be very therapeutic for people, and a way to channel their inner energy that does not get properly expressed at home or in the workplace.  If you are seeking a way to exercise your inner creativity, look no further, because faux stone paneling is the answer.


Faux stone paneling allows for creativity at its finest, as it can be used by anyone for anything.  Well, maybe not anything, but pretty darn close!  Faux stone paneling is used by so many people for a number of home renovation projects, both interior or exterior.  On the exterior, it is great for simply adding the look of stone to your home, shed, or garage.  It can be used as deck railing or fence posts.  It can also be used on your front entry gate, or even your monument sign outside of your business.  Many people also use faux stone paneling around their pool and to create an outdoor kitchen.

On the interior, faux stone paneling is used to create accent walls, or even as wainscoting on the bottom portion of the wall to add texture.  It is also used in kitchens as a backsplash, or around a kitchen island.  In the bathroom people like to add faux stone paneling inside the shower, around the tub, or as an accent wall behind the tub.  This allows for a total spa-like feel, right within the walls of your very own home.  Faux stone paneling can be used up a stairway, behind a bed, or even in the hallways.  Lots of people use it to create a man cave, wine cellar, or on the walls of their basements.  As you can see, the application options are endless.  Anywhere there is a wall, faux wall paneling can be added.  Even around fireplaces!  Faux Direct offers fire-rated panels for that reason alone.

The end result is in your hands with faux stone paneling, as you are the decider of its fate.  It is lightweight and extremely easy to install; generally only taking about several hours to complete.  Head to our ‘Products’ section now, and choose the best faux stone paneling for your next DIY project in order to exercise your inner creativity to its fullest potential!

February 25, 2016

DIY imageDIY is currently all the rage, especially in the home interior design world.  There are many reasons to DIY, so we are going to list just a few for you.

  1. Satisfaction of a Job Well Done.  Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you probably have some sort of an innate desire to succeed on your own.  You know that hard work is the only way to get to the final destination, and if you do not do it then no one else is going to.  Doing it yourself requires you to put forth effort and the outcome is a result of that hard work.  It brings some serious satisfaction when you step back and admire something you did all by yourself.  Go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back.  No one’s watching.
  2. Saves Money. DIYing will save you a decent amount of cash, especially if you play your cards right. For example, installing faux wall paneling versus using authentic stone, brick, or wood to complete a project like an accent wall or fireplace will save you hundreds if not thousands.  The materials themselves are a fraction of the cost, and there are no labor fees you have to pay out.
  3. Saves Time. Many people think that if you DIY it will take hours to complete a project.  Maybe only if you are knitting a blanket for Shaq.  DIYing surprisingly actually saves time.  For example, if you were to install a stone fireplace, there are so many steps involved.  First you have to price out materials, then you have to wait for them to arrive, and then you have to wait until someone can put them in.  The job is so intricate that it takes days to complete.  Umm, no thanks.  Faux stone paneling please!
  4. It’s Fun! Completing a DIY project can actually be an enjoyable time for many people.  It is a stress reliever to complete a crafty project that doesn’t involve a boss hanging over your shoulder inspecting your every move.  Throw on some music, pour a glass of burgundy, and let the fun begin.
  5. Allows for Creativity. When you purchase something premade, or you hire out a home design project, there is only so much creativity on your end that is allowed.  You get to make decisions on what you want, but ultimately the outcome is in someone else’s hands.  When you complete a DIY project, full creativity lies within your own two hands (or three if you were born special).
February 25, 2016

Typically, when you think of a shed, you think of a creepy place where axe murders happen.  They are usually run down with wood falling apart and chipped paint, and basically scream “ENTER IF YOU DARE”.  A nice, well kept shed is hard to come by; one that has all four walls standing, and actually does its job by protecting its contents from the elements.  It is even harder to come by a shed that is aesthetically pleasing on the outside.  At Faux Direct, however, we know one way to make your shed as stellar as they come, and that is through faux stone paneling.

Faux stone paneling added to the side of your shed only enhances its appeal.  It takes a shed from drab to fab instantly, and makes it look less like a murder scene and more like a standalone building.  Look at this shed below:

These people went all out by adding vents, windows, and sliding barn doors.  You don’t even have to go this far to make the shed look nice.  The added faux stone paneling does an amazing job all by itself.

This shed adorned in faux stone paneling looked so nice that the owners cleaned it out and even used it as part of their wedding venue for a cocktail reception:

stone shed wood shed

This shed was transformed with faux stone and faux wood paneling:

stone shed wedding

See, sheds do not have to be scary after all.  The best part about adding faux stone paneling to your shed is that you can easily accomplish it all by yourself.  All of our faux wall paneling at Faux Direct is extremely lightweight and easy to apply.  All that is required are a few standard tools and some caulk.  A typical faux stone paneling project takes roughly 3-5 hours to complete.  The same cannot be said for applying authentic stone!  You will also save a ton of money in the process.

Worried about the wind and the rain?  Don’t be!  Our faux stone paneling is designed to withstand all types of weather, both hot and cold.  Our panels are UV resistant, and resistant to mold, mildew, rot, and termites.  It doesn’t get much more durable than that!

Head to our ‘Products’ section now and choose the best faux stone paneling for your stellar shed makeover.  Don’t see something you love? No problem, our customer service team will work hand in hand with you to create a custom order that will best suit your needs.