January 31, 2016

When building a home, and it comes time to choose the siding, you want to make sure you choose something durable.  Something that isn’t phased by a little wind and rain.  The last thing you need after spending money on a new home is to have to deal with siding that is flapping in the wind after the first storm of the year comes through.  For this reason, many people opt for concrete siding, stucco siding, stone siding, and brick siding.  All of those options, however, can be quite expensive.

An excellent alternative, and one that will withstand the elements, is faux wall paneling.  Unlike the regular flimsy siding you often see on homes, it is made from a high quality polyurethane material.  The polyurethane begins as a foam, and takes the form of the original material it is being molded from (stone, brick, or wood).  It is then painted to match the authentic material, and looks exactly the same.  It is a very strong and closed cell material.  Because of this it is impenetrable by moisture.  When properly applied, it is designed to withstand the effects of all types of weather, both hot and cold.  No matter what storm blows in, your faux wall paneling siding will be able to handle it like a champ.

Because each panel is impenetrable by moisture, this makes the faux wall paneling resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.  It is also UV resistant.  In a nutshell, faux wall paneling is about as durable as it gets in the vinyl siding world.

Are you picking up what we are throwing down?

You can have gorgeous siding that looks exactly like authentic stone, brick, or wood without paying the associated material and labor costs by adding faux wall paneling from Faux Direct!  This is huge!  The best part about the whole deal is that all of the faux wall panels are lightweight and can be installed all by yourself.  They all come with a step-by-step installation guide that walks you through the entire process.  All that is required are a few standard tools and either caulk or glue, and the job can usually be accomplished in a day!

Look at the faux stone used here for the siding on this building:


And the faux stone here used on this stand alone garage:faux stone side of building


Browse through all of our options in the ‘Products’ section on our main page.

January 31, 2016

Perhaps you live in a high rise apartment with gorgeous views.  Perhaps you live out in the woods with gorgeous views.  Perhaps you live in a gorgeous home, but have not so gorgeous views.  Whatever your situation is, there are always ways to transform your main living space to make it even more gorgeous than it was before.  One amazing way to do that is through the addition of faux brick paneling.

Look at this living room.  Although it already is beautiful itself , the faux brick paneling only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

faux brick living room

Faux brick paneling is the perfect way to transform your living room in a matter of hours.  At Faux Direct, we have a wide variety of faux brick paneling to choose from.  You don’t have to choose typical red style brick.  Choose whatever best matches your style and the overall mood you want to dominate the room.  Do you like lighter colors to open up your space?  No problem, we have that.  Do you like darker colors mixed in with each other?  No problem, because we have that too.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, we would be happy to work alongside you to create a custom faux brick panel that perfectly meets your needs.  Our customer service team is seriously that awesome.  Just reach out to us, and we will get back to you in a reasonable amount of time and begin the work shortly after that.  Our faux wall panels typically take about 2-3 weeks to arrive once the final order has been placed.

Once your faux brick panels do arrive, do not be overwhelmed by the project that lies ahead of you.  The best part about adding faux brick paneling (rather than authentic brick paneling) is the fact that it is DIY.  All of our panels are lightweight and easy to install.  All that is required are a few standard tools and either caulk or glue.  Most people can apply them in a single afternoon.

In the case photographed above, the customer and his brother installed the faux brick paneling in three hours and had a blast in the process.  The end result?  Well, as you can see for yourself it is absolutely stunning.

Check out this other example of a living room completely transformed through the addition of faux brick paneling:

faux brick living room 2

January 31, 2016

Faux wall paneling is not just any old veneer paneling you find at the store.   At least not from Faux Direct.  Faux wall paneling from Faux Direct is high quality, durable, and extremely affordable.  It does not look or feel cheap, and it will fool even the savviest of individuals by its authentic appearance.  If you had any questions about faux wall paneling before, you no longer will after reading this post.  Sit back, prop your feet up, and get ready to educate yourselves on the mysterious world of faux wall paneling.


Faux wall paneling from Faux Direct is made from a high quality polyurethane foam.  The panels are cast from the authentic brick, stone, or wood using the polyurethane foam.  The foam will dry to mimic the exact appearance of the original material, and include all of the same grooves, textures, and cracks.  It is then painted to match the exact look of the original material, and because of this looks and feels exactly the same.  The only way to tell that it isn’t the same is by picking it up, because of how extremely lightweight the panels are.


Because of how lightweight the panels are, they are easy to install all by yourself.  Installing faux wall paneling is quickly growing to be one of the most common DIY projects around.  It is user friendly for people of all ages and abilities.  Each shipment comes with a step-by-step installation guide, and most people are able to accomplish installation in a single afternoon.  All that is required are standard tools and either caulk or glue.


Because the panels are made from polyurethane and are DIY, they are extremely affordable.  In addition to this, they are extremely durable. Polyurethane, by nature, is a closed cell material.  It is resistant to moisture, which makes it resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.  It is also termite resistant, and UV resistant.  Yes, this does mean you can place them outdoors as well! They are built to withstand the effects of all types of weather, both hot and cold.  Basically, in a nutshell, your faux wall paneling will look amazing for years to come.

Faux wall paneling has many applications, such as creating an accent wall, wainscoting, a wine cellar, outdoor kitchen, kitchen back splash, or even a stone shower!  You can use it to create a man cave that actually feels like a cave or place it on the outside of your house to change the overall look.  There are so many uses for faux wall paneling, and a complete list can be found in our ‘Applications’ section.

January 31, 2016

Redesigning a room or an entire home can be a stressful experience.  There is a lot of planning involved and lots of decisions to be made.  Typically, there is also lots of money to be spent.  This alone can cause people to skip the renovation project all together.  This is unnecessary, as you can absolutely redesign your home on a budget.  You may have to make a few trips to the consignment store, or do a little extra digging at wholesale stores, but in the end your wallet and bank account will thank you.  A major way you can redesign without blowing your budget is through the use of faux wall paneling.

To transform your bathroom, without spending a fortune, we recommend adding faux stone paneling to the interior.  It can be added to the walls, or even to the shower.

Check out this bathroom that was completely remodeled with faux stone paneling:

FD stone shower

To transform your bedroom without spending a fortune, you can add faux brick paneling to the wall behind your bed to create an accent wall.  It creates a dramatic change to the room without a dramatic change to your bank account.

Check out this gorgeous accent wall behind the bed in this customer’s bedroom:



You can transform your entire backyard with faux wall paneling as well.  Add it to the exterior of the walls outside by your sitting area, or even create an outdoor kitchen.  You can add it to your pool or create a waterfall with faux stone paneling.

Look at this beautiful backyard that incorporated faux wall paneling into it’s landscaping:

backyard with stone retaining wall

Another idea is to add faux wall paneling to your kitchen for a total redesign that will save you money.  You can add faux wall paneling to create a backsplash.  The best part is, it’s easy to clean.  All faux wall paneling from Faux Direct is resistant to moisture, so nothing can penetrate it’s surface and grow mold, mildew, or rot.  You can also add it to the kitchen island.

Check out this kitchen that incorporated faux wall paneling throughout:

faux wood faux brick kitchen

Last but not least, another way to redesign using faux wall paneling is by adding it to your living room around your fireplace.  Who doesn’t love a gorgeous stone fireplace?  Not to worry, because all of our panels are fire rated.

Look at the beautiful way this fireplace was accomplished:

January 29, 2016

We all know that a gorgeous and elaborate fireplace really ups the resale of a home.  We all know that when we pull up to a home that is sporting a chimney, we are probably not going to be able afford what is inside.  This is because having a fireplace built, or even putting one in ourselves, is usually ridiculously expensive.  At least for a really nice one.  Sure, anyone can throw up some brick and call it a fireplace.  But I’m talking about a seriously gorgeous piece of art, consisting of stone and architecture.  Now that kind of thing costs money.


If you are going to spend the money on a nice fireplace, you probably aren’t going to put in a little baby-sized one.  That thing has got to represent!  Naturally, you can’t get past the need to pay for labor.  If you want a quality, beautiful fireplace, you probably aren’t going to risk putting it in yourself, unless you already do that kind of thing.  I mean, let’s face it.  Some things we can’t do on our own.  It’s acceptable to watch a YouTube video to learn how to put up the tile in your bathroom.  But a fireplace?  Not so much.  If something goes wrong with that, the rest of your house, and even the safety of your family, is vulnerable.

There is one way, however, to be able to do it yourself, or to at least dramatically reduce the cost: faux wall paneling.  Granted, everyone was doing faux this-or-that not too long ago, and then suddenly “real” came screaming back in.  If you got caught with faux, you risked looking just cheap and lazy.  But what if no one could tell that something was faux?


This is what faux wall paneling offers, and at Faux Direct, you can be sure to find whatever style you are looking for.  In this particular case you pay by the panel and corners are already constructed, so you can even add a mantel!  I’m not lying when I say that the faux stone paneling at Faux Direct is completely indiscernible from the real thing. The seams of the panels are entirely invisible and (are you ready for my favorite part?) the composite that these faux stone panels are made out of require almost no maintenance!  Now that’s what I’m talking about.  Cleaning stone and grout makes me think of Cinderella, and that is not what I’m going for with this fireplace!

January 29, 2016

Currently, our home lacks curb appeal in just about every way.  The grass is bad, the trees are dying and covered in a black lichen type of stuff (they just about look like some sort of underwater creatures).  The driveway is cracking and weeds are always growing through.  I suppose if we continue to let it go it might begin to look like those cute cobblestone streets with grass in-between the seams…but probably not.  The front stoop is made of ancient brick and metal poles, and there is no landscaping design whatsoever.


At this point in time we have two toddlers and are living off of one income, which we are not complaining about because A) complaining about your kids is generally frowned upon and usually unnecessary, and B) that one income is what allows us to live off of one income (you catching my drift?).  However, it stands to mention because it means that we don’t have the extra resources (time, money, stamina…) to invest in curb appeal.

That being said, we would really like to be proud of the front of our house.  And not really in the “American dream” kind of way, but in the way that is necessary when you are trying to turn around and sell.  We don’t want our home to be known as the ugly house on the street, and it’s better to start working on it now and go slowly if that’s what it takes.


It turns out that Faux Direct has a few different options for us when it comes to enhancing our curb appeal.  You might think that faux wall paneling is for indoor use only, but that is not the case.  In particular, the faux stone paneling comes in several different styles.  We plan on using it to dress up some columns at the end of our driveway- it gets super dark out here in the country, and we’ve been talking about wanting to put up some sort of lights.  Also, the faux stone paneling will come in very handy when we rip down that hideous old stoop and put up a nice new porch, complete with overhang.

Instead of having all plain, bulky-looking stanchions, we can use the same faux stone paneling around the columns, simultaneously dressing them up and tying in the ones at the end of the driveway. That’s the great thing about faux stone panels, the ways in which they can be used are endless!

January 27, 2016

Does the outside of your home need a little sprucing up?  As time passes, paint tends to chip and siding tends to crack and dent.  Stone and brick can even chip, and wood needs to be re-stained.  When you combine all of these things together, you have yourself a home looking like it belongs in a deserted town in a horror film.

Not to worry, because we are going to give you a few tips on how you can transform your home exterior, and do so on a budget.  And yes, it will include faux wall paneling.  And yes, you will be thankful it does.


First things first, make sure your yard looks nice.  Curb appeal is everything, and your home simply will not have it with an overgrown forest.  Mow your lawn, trim your bushes and sweep your steps.  None of these things cost money either.

Secondly, give your front porch more of a presence by beefing up your flimsy, rotting posts.  This can be done by wrapping your current posts in sturdy wood, and then accentuate with faux wall paneling.  Add faux stone, brick, or wood to the bottom portion of each panel to give them an entirely new look.

Next, you might need to add a fresh layer of paint.  If you are tired of your current color scheme, opt for a new one!  You can paint your house by yourself, with some patience, a sturdy ladder, (and maybe a few beers).  Hiring out this job may cost you thousands.



Another option is to re-panel your home.  Do you currently have vinyl siding that doesn’t seem to do its job?  Perhaps it does, but it just doesn’t look nice.  Cue: faux wall paneling.  Add faux brick, faux stone, or faux wood to the exterior of your home to completely change the look and feel of your house.  Faux wall paneling is lightweight and DIY.  All that is required are a few standard tools and either caulk or glue.  Each shipment from Faux Direct comes with a step-by-step installation guide that will walk you through the process.  Faux wall paneling will look and feel just like authentic stone, brick, or wood but not have the associated costs and installation.

Last but not least, clean your windows. You may not have the funds to completely replace them, but giving them a good cleaning inside and out will make them look good as new!

Now your home exterior has been transformed and you didn’t even have to spend an arm and a leg in the process!  Told you you’d be thankful faux wall paneling was a part of the solution.

January 27, 2016

Many people are intimidated when it comes to yard design.  They either do not believe they have the capabilities to do it themselves, or they believe it will cost a fortunate to hire someone else to do it.  While it may, indeed, cost a fortune for someone else to transform your backyard, you can actually do it on your own and save money while doing so.


We, at Faux Direct, are going to give you the tips you need to have the confidence to transform your own backyard while still maintaining some sort of a budget.

  1.   This does not have to be an elaborate pricey ordeal.  Even the non-greenest of thumbs have success when planting things outdoors.  Lucky for you, you will have the sun and the rain to help you out for days you don’t remember to water the plants.  Do a little research on what types of plants thrive best in the climate you live in.  Once you have an idea, browse a local nursery with wholesale prices or head to Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Lots of people are unaware that they have a sale rack in the back part of the gardening section full of plants.  Another fun fact?  They have a 1 year guarantee to live.  If your plants die within a year, you can literally dig them up and bring them back for a refund.
  2. 2

  3. If you don’t feel like spending hours on your knees plucking out dandelions, grab some Round Up and spray your yard!  This is not a hard thing to maintain, nor is it expensive.
  4. Retaining Wall. A retaining wall can be a nice visual addition to your landscaping.  In addition to providing support, it looks nice.  You can easily create your own retaining wall through the use of faux wall paneling.  At Faux Direct we have a plethora of faux stone options to choose from that would be the perfect touch in your backyard.
  5. What good is it to have a pretty backyard if you can’t even enjoy it?  Head to some thrift stores to find outdoor furniture and create an area where you and your family and friends can enjoy a meal or maybe just a drink after work.
  6. Water Feature. If you do not have a pool, you can create a water feature on your own.  Faux stone paneling can be used to make a waterfall that looks and feels real! The material is resistant to moisture, and also resistant to mold, mildew, and rot. Your waterfall will look great for years to come.
January 27, 2016

Kitchens and bathrooms are the top two selling features in a home.  Whether you are getting your home ready to sell, or want to sell down the road, it is a wise choice to update your kitchen at some point so it will be appealing to all.  Most people don’t love the retro look anymore, and if you live in an old house especially, it may be time to do your kitchen some justice.


We are going to give you several tips on how to update your kitchen while still maintaining a budget.

  1. Fresh Paint. A fresh coat of paint does wonders for a room.  It cleans and livens it up.  It also can change the entire feel of the room drastically, depending on what color you choose.  Nowadays, most people prefer neutral tones.  Neutral tones allow for a background that doesn’t dominate the room, and make adding any extras such as a backsplash doable without being too much.  Light and neutral tones also help to open up a room, giving it an airy feel.  You do not have to spend a fortune on your favorite shade at Restoration Hardware; simply take in the paint sample to your local Lowe’s or Home Depot, and they will color match completely free of charge.
  2. Hardware is extremely simple to remove and replace.  You do not have to order fancy, custom hardware that will blow your budget in order to update your kitchen.  Local home stores have hardware that is appealing to the majority of people for a fraction of the cost of high end dealers.
  3. Black-and-white-ultra-modern-kitchen-design

  4. A kitchen backsplash is a must.  First and foremost, it keeps your walls from getting caked with mom’s spaghetti sauce.  That is, if you choose the right type of material.  Traditional tile with grout can be extremely hard to clean.  Faux wall paneling, on the other hand, is a sought after option because of how durable and easy to clean it is.  At Faux Direct, all of our faux wall paneling is moisture resistant, which makes it resistant to mold, mildew, and rot and will look amazing for years to come.  It is affordable and can be installed all on your own.
  5. To be new and updated to you does not mean they have to be brand new.  You’d be surprised at how lucky you can get on sites like Craigslist and Ebay for things like kitchen appliances.  No need to get too fancy here, but an updated refrigerator and stove/oven situation is always a plus.
January 27, 2016

Updating your bathroom at some point prior to selling your home is a wise decision.  Bathrooms and kitchens are the top two selling features of a home.  People like new feeling, updated bathrooms and kitchens.  They just do.  This takes away work they will have to do when purchasing a home, and really gives them that feeling they are getting what they pay for, especially when it involves hundreds and thousands of dollars.


We at Faux Direct want to give you a few tips on how you can update your bathroom on a budget, without having to take out a second mortgage.

  1. Redo the Flooring. Although this might be the most involved portion of a bathroom update, it may be extremely necessary.  Especially if you are rockin’ the 1970’s terrazzo look.  Bathroom flooring can either be easily busted out (in the event of having tile floors) or can be added to by placing the new flooring directly on top (in the event of having terrazzo floors).  Once your old floor is out and the area is cleaned, you can easily lay new tile or stone on your own.  Head to discount stores like Floor n’ Decor to pay wholesale prices for your flooring, and ask a buddy to help complete the job to make it fun.
  2. Replace the Faucets. You can purchase newly updated faucets at local home department stores for inexpensive prices.  To look fancy doesn’t mean it needs to have a fancy price tag.
  3. Fresh Paint. A fresh coat of paint in your bathroom will clean up the space.  Choose light, neutral tones to open up the area and make it feel larger than it is.
  4. Stylish-Modern-Bathroom-Design-16

  5. New Shower Curtains. Is your shower curtain and liner getting a bit dingy?  Toss it and head to a store like Home Goods to purchase inexpensive, yet trendy shower curtains and liners.
  6. Dress up the Walls. In addition to paint, you can inexpensively transform the entire feel of your room by adding faux wall paneling.  Add faux stone panels to the shower or faux brick panels to the main wall to give your bathroom a whole new look.  You can create a spa like oasis right in the walls of your own home with faux wall paneling, and do it on a budget.  Faux wall panels from Faux Direct are extremely affordable, extremely durable, and can be installed all on your own!
  7. Last but not least, you might need to replace your countertop to complete your bathroom look.  No need to go custom, because most stores have pre-measured countertops that fit most standard bathrooms.