October 31, 2015

Wood, although very popular in the design world, is actually pretty difficult to maintain.  Not only is it tricky to properly install (you better hire someone with A++ ratings on Angie’s List), it is much more apt to get damaged than synthetic materials.  Spills, floods, or any sort of moisture?  Forget it.  Your wood will not stand a chance.  So what’s a person supposed to do?  Run around making sure their wood is protected at all times? (That’s what she said.)  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The solution: faux wood paneling.  Faux wood paneling has durability like no other wood in town.  Why?  Glad you asked!  The faux wood paneling from Faux Direct is constructed from a high quality polyurethane foam and each panel is cast from authentic wood so they look and feel exactly the same.  Polyurethane is a very durable material.  Its surface is impenetrable by moisture.  Because of this, it is mildew, rot, and mold resistant.  Our faux wall panels are also weatherproof! Yep, that’s right.  Each panel is designed to withstand the effects of both hot and cold weather.  Rain, snow, shine, hail, wind, you name it- it will not destroy your faux wood panels.

Are you guys picking up what we are putting down?

Faux wood panels are revolutionary!  You can have faux wood siding, a faux wood kitchen island, a faux wood accent wall, and so many other applications and it will not be destroyed by any types of moisture!  This is unheard of people.  Use it indoors or out, your faux wood paneling will look amazing for years to come.  We also have fire-rated faux wood panels that are designed to use around heat sources like fireplaces and stoves.

In addition to faux wood panels being very durable, they are also very affordable.  You will spend a fraction of the cost of installing wood in your home by going faux vs. authentic.  The panels themselves are very affordable, and you do not need expensive tools or machines.  All you need is either caulk or glue, and a few standard tools.  The best part?  You can actually install them all by yourself in one single afternoon DIY project!  This means NO labor costs.  You will be the one that gets to step back and admire the handiwork knowing you completed it all by yourself.

Protect your wood from moisture by opting for faux wood vs. real wood on your next home renovation project!

October 31, 2015

Are you or anyone you know looking to spruce up your home?  Maybe you want to add a new design style because you are sick of the retro wallpaper in the guest bathroom that the previous homeowners thought was ‘stylish’.  Perhaps you are looking to landscape the house and add a unique touch to the exterior of your home.  Or maybe, just maybe, you are a business owner who knows that you need to do something different in order to drive more business to your door.

FD faux wood outdoor shower

Whatever the reasons are behind the makeover, we are here to give you a useful tip:

Go faux!

Faux wall panels are all the rage when making over a home or business.  They might be just the missing touch you need in order to add aesthetic appeal for everyone to enjoy.  There are so many ways for faux wall panels to be used, it is not even funny.  From man caves to kitchen back splashes to showers to outdoor kitchens.  You name it, faux wall panels can change it.  {Check out our ‘Applications’ section for a full list of ideas.}

A main reason people choose to go faux when they have the option to use wood, stone, or brick is because of its affordable pricing.  At Faux Direct we use high quality polyurethane that is made right here on our very own soil.  This keeps production and shipping costs extremely low.  Also, polyurethane costs a whole lot less than the natural materials, but looks and feels exactly the same.  The catch?  There isn’t one!  Each faux wall panel is actually cast from the authentic material using polyurethane foam, so all of the same grooves and textures are included.

Another reason people choose to go faux is because of the durability factor that faux wall panels bring to the table.  Their performance is outstanding when it comes to withstanding the effects of weather, both hot and cold.  They are also resistant to moisture, so mold, rot, and mildew cannot move in and make their home on your faux wall panels.  They are UV resistant as well!  What we are trying to tell you is that these bad boys are even safe to use outside.  Lastly, if you want to place them around a heat source such as a fireplace, no problem! We have fire rated faux wall paneling options for just that specific use.

The final reason people go faux is because our faux wall panels are DIY.  They can be installed in a single afternoon with basic tools, glue or caulk, and some old fashioned willpower. When planning your next home or business makeover, go faux and save yourself money and time.

October 30, 2015

Every single person on this planet likes to save a buck here and there.  Even the wealthy people.  Actually, sometimes the wealthiest people are also the stingiest people.  Although it is probably more of a generosity issue, it just goes to show that people understand the value money brings and try not to overspend in any way they can.  One way people can really put a hole in their bank account is during a remodeling or redecorating process.  One step inside Restoration Hardware? Forget it.  There goes Aunt Susie’s Christmas gift and your daughter’s summer camp tuition.  What if there were a way to actually save money during the remodeling process?  Would you believe us?

FD faux brick fireplace

Well, you should.  When it comes to a remodel, say a bathroom, kitchen island, fireplace, or even exterior of your home, you can actually save money by using faux stone rather than authentic stone.  Most people are aware of how expensive authentic stone is.  Once installed, it will run you anywhere from $25-$40 per square foot.  Not only do you have to pay for the stone itself, but also the materials (mortar, tool rentals, machine rentals), and the labor costs.  Unless you are Mr. Handyman, you probably won’t be completing the stone installation all by your lonesome.

This is where faux stone panels step in to save the day. Our faux stone panels at Faux Direct are extremely cost efficient.  They are constructed from a high quality polyurethane rather than authentic stone, and this is what gives them their attractive low price.  They are extremely lightweight, so you can actually install them all by yourself.

Are you picking up what we are throwing down?

Yep, that’s right: NO labor costs!

Another money saving feature?  The only thing required to install is either caulk or glue and standard tools.

Last but not least, these bad boys are made right here in the good ole’ US of A.  Not only will you be supporting our National economy, but this cuts down on the costs even further because everything is manufactured and shipped right from our soil.  Uncle Sam will be smiling down on you when you choose Faux Direct faux stone panels versus imported, expensive stone for your next home or business remodel.  Look no further if you are looking for a few ways to save a buck or two!

October 30, 2015

You might think that you are not creative, but we know something about you that even you do not know.  How can this be, you ask, considering we have never even met you?  Well, we have a little secret.

Wanna hear?

Faux wall panels are DIY and so easy to install that everyone (with operating extremities) can apply them.  You can exercise your inner creativity with faux wall panels and have a project in the end that is so well done that HGTV will be knocking on your door for their next show idea.

Here’s how to achieve this:

First off, you must educate yourself on what faux wall panels even are.  Faux wall paneling are wall panels that look and feel exactly like wood, brick, or stone.  The reason for this is because they are cast from the authentic stuff using a high quality polyurethane material.  The polyurethane is so durable that you can use them indoors or out.  They are weatherproof, UV resistant, and impervious to the effects of moisture.  This means no rot, no mold, and no mildew.


Because they are made from polyurethane, they are also lightweight.  This makes them easy to install!  All you need is either caulk or glue and a few standard tools.  No expensive machine or tool rentals, and no need to hire out the labor.  The panels come with a step-by-step guide so you can feel confident during the installation process.

FD stone installation exterior

You will be able to exercise your creativity putting these faux wall panels in when you choose the pattern, and cut the edges to make each of them differ.  This gives them an even more authentic look than they already have.

There are so many ways these faux wall panels can be used!  Use faux wood to create an outdoor shower:

Use faux stone to create an accent wall for a fireplace (don’t worry about the heat, because they are fire rated):

You can use faux brick as a kitchen backsplash:

FD faux brick kitchen backsplash

Create a kitchen island with our faux stone panels:

Kitchen Island FD

There are so many application ideas, and for a more extensive list visit our ‘Applications’ tab on our website: www.fauxdirect.com.

Do not let your life pass you by without discovering how creative you can really be! Apply faux wall panels in a single afternoon, and have a DIY project you can be proud of for years to come.

October 30, 2015

How many times have you heard You Know Who talk about their latest DIY project.  You are confident that your eyes will be permanently stuck in the rolling position if you have to hear about how he never has to hire any type of handy man thanks to his ‘mad skills’ one more time.  Deep down, however, you know you are just secretly jealous.  You are just twiddling your thumbs wishing there were some sort of attainable DIY project out there that didn’t leave you feeling like the kid that didn’t learn to tie his shoes until he was 12.

FD faux wood outdoor shower


Not to worry, because there actually is an attainable DIY project out there!  You Know Who will actually become the jealous one, and in the meantime you will have a house looking fresh out of the latest issue of Coastal Living.  How, you ask?  Faux wood paneling, that’s how.

Installing faux wood panels is as about DIY as it comes.  Especially by using faux wood panels from Faux Direct. Our faux wood panels look and feel exactly like authentic wood, because they are cast from authentic wood using a high quality polyurethane.  And that’s not even the best feature of the polyurethane.  Because polyurethane is a closed cell material by nature, it is impenetrable by moisture.

This makes it resistant to mold, mildew, rot, and termites!  You will not have to worry about them wearing out in a short period of time, because they will look amazing for years to come.  They are also designed to withstand the effects of weather, both hot and cold and they are UV resistant.  Neither Jack Frost nor Mr. Golden Sun can rain on your faux wood panel parade.

How does polyurethane and it’s durability equate to an easy DIY project?  Well, polyurethane is extremely lightweight.  This means you will not end up in the Chiropractor’s office when the project is all done.  They are easy to pick up, assemble, and attach to the wall (check out our Resources tab for installation instructions).  All you need is either caulk or glue, a few standard tools, and some willpower to get the job done.  No expensive machine rental, material, or labor costs included.  You, my friend, can install these bad boys in a matter of hours all by yourself.

Not only will you have a long lasting, job well done in the end, but you will have completed a DIY project that you will feel good about for years to come.  Watch out HGTV, because DIY faux wood panels are in the house!

October 30, 2015

Listen up y’all.  It is about to get real real, real fast.  Growing up, we were all told basically the same things: eat your vegetables, don’t talk to strangers, try your hardest at school, and don’t do drugs (D.A.R.E. anyone?).  Well my friends, the new generation is going to grow up hearing one more life ‘to-do’.  And what is that to-do, you ask?  Glad you did.  Gen Z is going to grow up understanding that faux stone panels are the bomb.  Not once will they even entertain the thought of spending thousands of dollars and hours of time installing authentic stone, when faux stone is clearly the wiser option.

FD faux stone front of house


If you are reading this, you are most likely a Baby Boomer, Gen X, or Gen Y.  Because you are not as informed as the latest generation, you may have not heard why faux stone panels are the bomb.  Well, at Faux Direct we are head of the game, and we are happy to give you the good news.

Faux stone panels are the bomb for so many reasons.  First off, they are extremely affordable.  At Faux Direct we carry a wide variety of panels, and the average price is $90 per panel.  They cover between 7-9 square feet in a single panel.  Compare that to authentic stone, which runs around $25/square foot.  When completing a big project, you will save hundreds to thousands of dollars by opting for faux.  Another reason why you will save money by going faux is because there are hardly any material costs involved.  All you need is either caulk or glue, and standard tools.  You can actually install them yourself, so you won’t spend money on labor either.

Another bomb factor to faux stone panels is their durability.  Umm, hello?  Who doesn’t like something that lasts a long time?  If it’s a good thing, the answer is no one.  And faux stone panels are just that.  They are created from a high quality polyurethane material that is impervious to moisture.  This means no rot, no mold, and no mildew.  They are weatherproof and UV resistant, so you can go crazy using them outside!

These are just a couple reasons why faux stone panels are the bomb.  Head to our Applications section to browse through the many different ways you can use faux stone panels right at your own home or business.  It is time to get on the same level as our younger, cooler cohort and be in ‘the know’ on what is in and what is out.  Faux stone panels? Definitely in.

October 28, 2015

Faux wall panels are being widely used for a number of home improvement projects.  Why?  Well, the top two reasons are their affordability and durability.  Authentic stone comes with a hefty price.  Not only must you purchase the stone itself, but the mortar, machine/tool rentals, and labor costs as well.  With Faux Direct, you can purchase faux stone panels for a fraction of the price.

You won’t pay for labor, because you will be able to install them all by yourself in a matter of hours.  With our faux panels, you won’t have to worry about wear and tear like you would with traditional materials.  They are constructed from a high quality polyurethane material that is impervious to the effects of moisture.  They will not rot, grow mildew, or mold.

They won’t chip or crack, and they won’t fade in the sun thanks to their UV resistance.  Last but not least, they are built to withstand the effects of weather, both hot and cold.  This means you can use them outdoors and not have to worry about your faux wall panels, rain or shine.

Here are the top 10 ways that faux panels are being used for home improvement projects today:

  1. Accent Walls. Many people enjoy the aesthetic appeal of an accent wall, as well as the way it delineates one room from another, especially in an open floor concept home.
  2. Faux Brick Interior Wallwhitelogo

  3. A stone or brick fireplace changes the look of the entire room.  Not only does it showcase the fireplace itself, but it adds a warm and cozy vibe.  At Faux Direct, we have fire rated faux stone and faux brick panels designed specifically for this use.
  4. FD faux brick fireplace

  5. Kitchen Island. What better way to spruce up the island in your kitchen than through the use of faux stacked stone?
  6. FD Stone Kitchen backsplash

  7. Fence Posts. Out with the old, boring fence posts, and in with the new and unique faux stone fence posts!
  8. Kitchen Backsplash. Remember, as stated earlier, these things are impervious to moisture.  No worries if you splash or spill onto your backsplash.  You can easily wipe it off, and won’t have to worry about scrubbing the grout with harsh chemicals (like you would with authentic materials)!
  9. Bathroom Makeover. Whether you place faux wall panels in your shower or on the wall, we can all agree they look amazing and add a unique flare to the interior of a bathroom.
  10. Entry Gate. Want to add a gate to the front of your home, but don’t want to foot the bill? Use faux stone instead!
  11. Retaining Wall. Who said retaining walls had to cost you an arm & a leg?
  12. Home Exterior. Add faux brick to the exterior of your home to take it from drab to fab.
  13. Outdoor Kitchen. Now you can create your own backyard oasis!


October 28, 2015

What’s the buzz all about?  Do you want to know?  Well, we are here to tell you: Faux Wall Panels.  Yep, that’s the buzz on the street.

What’s so special about them?

constructionFirst off, they are extremely affordable.  At Faux Direct our faux wall panels average around $90 per panel, and each panel covers anywhere from 6.8-9.2 square feet.  That, my friends, is called bang for your buck.  No expensive material or labor costs either.  All you need is either glue or caulk, and some willpower.  Both men and women alike will be able to complete their own DIY faux wall paneling project in a matter of hours.

Secondly, they are beyond durable.  Faux wall panels are constructed from a high quality polyurethane material.  They are actually cast from the authentic stuff, so they look and feel the same.  By nature, polyurethane is a closed cell material, which means moisture cannot penetrate the surface.  No mold, no mildew, and no rot!  At Faux Direct we pride ourselves in using only the top of the line polyurethane, and all of our panels are weatherproof as well.  This means you can use them outdoors! Worried about the sun?  Don’t be! Because they are UV resistant as well.  SCORE!

So, now that you know about faux wall panels and why they are so buzzworthy, where do you get them?

Faux Direct of course.

Here are just a few reasons on why you should do business with us:

  1. We offer only the best and most genuine looking faux wall panels. No funky business here.
  2. We have the newest and most innovative designs on the market.
  3. We keep our prices significantly lower then the competition.
  4. Our customer service is superb!
  5. Everything is made in the USA. Not only will you be supporting our Nation’s growth and infrastructure, but this keeps your shipping costs down and production quality up.
  6. We work with you on custom orders if you cannot find what you are looking for!

There you have it, the latest buzz and where to get your hands on them.  The next time you have a project you need to accomplish, whether it is at home or at your business, consider using faux wall panels to save money and add the unique look you are trying to achieve.  Through the use of our faux wall panels, you can accomplish accent walls, kitchen islands, kitchen back splashes, bathroom renovations, and more!

October 28, 2015

In addition to their affordability, the best part about faux brick panels is their versatility.  They can be used for so many things.  How many different places have you seen brick used?  Probably a bunch.  We are going to list out a few different ways that you can use our faux brick panels for your next DIY project.

  1. Use Around a Fireplace. Originally, brick was used around fireplaces because of it’s ability to withstand the heat.  More and more people wanted brick fireplaces simply for the aesthetic appeal.  Many people are unable to afford the installation of an authentic brick fireplace because of the material and labor costs.  There is now a solution with faux brick panels.  They look and feel exactly the same, and they are fire rated so they are safe to use around a heat source!
  2. FD faux brick fireplace

  3. Create an Accent Wall. When people add on to their homes, sometimes the room created has a wall covered in brick due to the exterior of the home.  This adds character and style, and many people love the look.  Now you can add brick to your wall without the need to add onto your home, all with the use of faux brick panels.  They take a matter of hours to install, and you can do it all by yourself.
  4. Faux Brick Interior Wallwhitelogo

  5. Use on the Exterior of Your Home. Faux brick panels are not limited to the indoors. Because they are made from high quality polyurethane, they are impervious to the effects of moisture.  No rot, no mildew, and no mold. They are also weatherproof and UV resistant.
  6. Use for Your Business. Faux brick panels can be the perfect addition to the interior or exterior of your business to give it a unique flare.  They will stand out in the minds of your customers, and keep them coming back for more.
  7. Use on a Monument Sign. Many monument signs are plain and dull. They do not stand out from one business to the next, and therefore do not make a lasting impression in the minds of potential customers.  Adding faux brick to your monument sign will make it stand out as well as improve your overall corporate image.

Whether indoors or outdoors, home or business, faux brick panels are extremely versatile. Head to our ‘Applications’ section for even more ideas on how faux brick panels can be used.

October 28, 2015

A luscious touch to the inside of a bathroom is the addition of stone.  There is something about it that creates a spa like feel, right within the walls of your own home.  The problem: the expense.

Why does money always have to rain on everyone’s parade?  Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.


money cat


At Faux Direct, we have a solution for you stone bathroom seekers: faux stone panels.

Faux stone panels are the perfect way to remodel your bathroom for a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time.  There are so many reasons faux is the way to go! First off, it is affordable.  Our faux stone panels cover up to 9 square feet per panel.  No heavy machinery or tool rentals are required.  The best part?  You can actually install them yourself! This means NO labor costs either.

Our faux stone panels are also highly durable.  They are made from a top notch quality polyurethane material.  Polyurethane, by nature, is a closed cell material.  Because of this, it acts as a natural moisture barrier.  This equates to no mold, mildew, or rot build up, which is definitely a cause of concern when adding faux stone to a bathroom shower.  They are super easy to clean as well.  This can hardly be said for authentic stone with grout.  Think how long it takes to scrub down grout to get all of the green buildup out of it?  Not to mention the harsh cleaning chemicals that you have to inhale in the process. This is not the case with our faux stone panels.  They are easily wiped down with a damp rag, and maintain their clean look for a long period of time.

Our faux stone panels are versatile, and can be used for several things during a bathroom remodel.  You can use them in the shower, on the walls, above the sink, or even cover the vanity in them.

Look how amazing this shower looks through the use of our faux stone panels:

FD stone shower


Check out the accent wall created through stacked faux stone panels behind this modern looking tub in this bathroom remodel:

FD stone accent wall behind tub


There is no reason why you cannot add the gorgeous look of stone to your bathroom.  This is an attainable goal, thanks to the affordability, durability, and versatility of our faux stone panels here at Faux Direct.