Tile is one of the most versatile materials that can dress up your floors, backsplash, walls, counters and fireplace mantle. Whether you’re looking to overhaul your kitchen or a budget-friendly way to remodel your bathroom, tile is aesthetically pleasing and functional. The following are 12 ways you can enhance the look of your home environment using tile.

1. Improve Bathroom Flooring

If you’re looking to liven up your bathroom, while upping your home’s value, tile is a great improvement over laminate or vinyl. Keep things simple by using porcelain or ceramic tiles.

2. Cover Bathroom Walls

Tile isn’t solely used as a flooring material. You can also use it to cover the walls in your tub and shower. Travertine and subway tiles are upscale and stylish options. The materials are also simple to install, durable and come in variety of colors.

3. Keep the Bathroom Tile Scheme Going

Just because you’ve added tile to the bathroom floor doesn’t mean you should stop. You can also expand by using the material to cover your tub and shower. To add unique character, choose a decorative border or patterned tiles and mix throughout.

4. Add a Layer of Protection with Wainscoting

Between your shower, toilets and faucets, water can flow continuously in a bathroom setting. If you have drywall, the material may show some serious damage over time. Tile wainscoting adds a layer of protection to areas with the most wear and tear.

5. Bring Character to the Kitchen Back splash

If your kitchen is ho hum, you can add character to your cooking area with an appealing tile back splash. Colorful tiles in glass are ideal for a classic look. Metal tiles also work best in the kitchen because they can withstand spills and heat.

6. The Great Outdoors

In addition to the inside, tile can also be an excellent resource for your patio, pool and outdoor kitchen. Whether you already have the foundation or you’re looking to start from scratch, limestone and sandstone materials are functional and attractive material options. Another eye-catching look outdoors is to use faux stone panels to update or create an exterior outdoor wall.

7. Update a Corridor

Hallways are typically a boring pathway that leads a homeowner from room to room. You can update your corridors by using a bright or patterned tile in the empty space.

8. Jaw Dropping Entryway

An entryway is the first impression you and your guests will make upon when walking into a home. To ensure that it’s jaw dropping, install such classics such as travertine or sandstone for a bold look.

9. Spruce Up an Accent Wall

Most homeowners turn to paint to brighten up an accent wall. If you’re looking for something unique, larger tiles in a colorful hue adds a touch of class to the prominent rooms of your living space. To modernize an accent wall, you can use faux stone panels to transform your room into something cozy and inviting.

10. Customize Shelves

For some, a tiled wall may seem extreme. You can start small by customizing your built-in shelving units instead. By selecting the right style and color to suit your room, you can add visual depth to your great room, den or dining room.

11. Enhance the Look of Furniture

You can redirect the focus of your furnishings by adding tile to headboards, coffee tables or end pieces. From glass to mosaic, the look can liven up your current furniture.

12. Create a Piece of Art

Some people may not be ready for the permanency of tile. But if you’re looking to wet your toes you’re into the seas of tile, you may consider tile-based works of art. For a simple touch, add mosaics vertically to an entryway.

When you’re thinking tile, the skies the limit. A great place to start is in the kitchen and bathroom areas of the home. You can then expand by adding this attractive and function material to the other areas of your residence.