There’s just something so beautiful when you walk into a home with high ceilings. It creates an illusion of openness and freedom within the house. Unfortunately, many homes weren’t blessed with high ceilings. However, there is some good news.

Interior designers have been faking high ceilings for years and in this article, we will give you some tricks to help you make your own ceilings look twice as high and a hundred times more impressive.

Trick #1: Hand Curtains As High As Possible

Since your eye is immediately drawn to the highest point on the wall, hang your curtains as high as possible. So, this does not mean stopping at the top of the window frame, rather taking them all the way up to just maybe a foot from the top of the wall. This little trick alone will help make your ceilings feel taller.

Trick #2: Choose Low Profile Furniture

When picking your furniture, trying to choose pieces that sit closer to the floor, making it more low-profile. When you do this, it helps you avoid making your room feel cramped and closed in which actually makes a lot of sense since it’s physically taking up less space, and makes the distance between the top of your furniture and the ceiling greater.

Trick #3: Put Stripes On Your Wall

One of the biggest keys to making a ceiling seem higher is by using a design that will trick the eye into looking upwards. By painting or using a wallpaper to create vertical stripe patterns on the walls, you will literally be pointing people’s “spectacles” in the right direction.

Trick #4: Hang Mirrors Higher

Mirrors are one of interior designers best friends. That’s because the reflective surfaces make a room feel bigger, especially when you install them higher than usual because it adds an instantaneous expansive look.

Trick #5: Stick With Recessed Lighting

Even though a drum shad fixture or a chandelier can add a luxurious touch to a room, they can also be the main culprits in making a ceiling look lower. So, use flush mount light fixtures or recessed lights in a room to help the ceiling look higher. If you want to add a wow factor to your room, try instead to use something like a faux brick wall that will add color and texture, without visually dropping the look of the ceiling.

Trick #6: Play With Contrast And Scale

While we said earlier that it’s best to keep your furniture low, that doesn’t mean you can’t add in taller pieces of furniture like bookshelves. In fact, the contrast between the two pieces can help create height by playing with the different dimensions.

Trick #7: Invest In Custom Details

When investing in custom details, like plaster moldings, make sure you’re adding it to your ceilings and not to your floors. This will immediately draw attention making your ceilings feel taller than they actually are.

Trick #8: Keep Furniture Light

If you want to keep your room from feeling overwhelming or overly busy, stick with neutral and light shades of furniture. This will help open up the look of your room, which automatically makes it look bigger. However, you can still add pops of color and textures with things like pillows, decorative items, and even faux brick walls.

Trick #9: Utilize Your Fireplace

If your house is blessed with a fireplace, make sure your facing goes all the way up to the ceiling. Not only does is make your room feel bigger, but you also get an amazing focal point out of it. One unique and affordable way to finish your fireplace is by using Faux Direct’s fire-rated panels. With stone, brick and distressed wood, your options are endless.

Trick #10: Give Your Celling A Makeover

Whether you decide to add a pretty coat of paint, or unexpected wallpaper, trick out your ceiling so that it will immediately force your guests eyes upward. Also if you decide to go with paint, use one that is high-gloss. The reflection will make your ceilings seem taller.

Trick #11: De-clutter The Room

When your room is cluttered and disorganized, it makes it look chaotic, cramped, and claustrophobic. By having a clean and organized room, it not only makes your whole space feel bright and airy, but it adds a huge amount of space. If you need extra storage, use built-in shelving, floor-to-ceiling shelving, or nice wicker baskets.