Remember the days when you had posters splattered all over your walls? What about those Polaroid pictures of you and your friends that were strewn across your dresser? Or, those stuffed animals you had piled on your bed? Yeah, those were the good old days. And while it’s fun to reminisce and look back about the good times you had in those rooms. You may want to take a look around your house today and see if some of that inner child is still hanging around in your décor.

While being a kid at heart isn’t a bad thing, it may be time to realize that as an adult, you should have an adult’s home. So, what does an adult house look like? Well here are 10 ways that can help make sure you’re on the right path to real adulthood.


Framed Mirrors

Let’s be honest. Those ugly, unframed, chipped, taped up mirrors should’ve been left back in your dorm room. By adding a framed mirror, you not only add a chic and classy look to your home, but you add style as well. Framed mirrors are a beautiful addition, and can act as great accent pieces to any room.

Area rugs

Ugh. Nothing is worse than a cold bare floor. That’s for a straight up bachelor who still lives in his glory days of high school. Find a rug that is properly sized for the room that it is going to go in. You should be able to easily set your furniture on it, with at least two of the legs. You can use a neutral rug for a more subtle look, or go patterned and colored for a bold statement piece.


Headboards add style to a room, as well as the perfect finishing touch to any bed frame. Once you have one, you’ll never go back.

Matching Towels

This is by far the easiest upgrade you can make. Plus they can add a pop of color to your bathroom, making it fun and playful. One tip here is, don’t feel like you have to spend an arm and a leg. There are plenty of stores that have great, decorative towels that don’t cost you an arm and a leg. After all, they do eventually wear out. So, go with something mid price ranged and you wont’ regret it.

Stylish Knobs

These aren’t necessarily a necessity, but they add a fun element to your different rooms, and really help showcase your style.

Full Pillows

Pillows help add an elegant and grown up look. Especially on a sofa or bed. Find pillows that are full and well stuffed. Let them be a variety of matching colors and patterns to add fun pops of color and style to your bedroom or living room.

A Non Assembled, Assembled Coffee Table

If you have a coffee table that came from a box store that you had to assemble yourself, it may be time to give it the boot. Those are neither quality, nor grown up. Plus, they tend to scratch, chip, and fall apart easily. Which can really put a damper on your living room vibe.

Real Artwork

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to pop over to the Louvre and throw down millions of dollars on a painting. In fact, you can find inexpensive pieces of artwork that will more than get the job done. You can place bold pieces of artwork in entryways to use as a welcoming statement piece. Or, put a more neutral abstract in your bedroom to help tie in your décor and give it that perfect finishing touch. However you decide to use it, just make it’s not some rock band poster that should have been burned years ago.

A Faux-Fur Blanket

This upgrade may even be easier than the towels. For real, just go out and buy a faux-fur blanket. Drape it across your made bed (yes we said made) or couch, to help give the room a more sophisticated vibe.

Living Plants

Hopefully by now you’re responsible enough to keep things alive. If not, well, then this article isn’t for you, and it’s a miracle you’ve made it this far. But, if you are, then by putting live plants throughout your house you can add pops of color and bring a little life into some of your rooms. Just keep in mind when purchasing a plant, you look and see what type of growing environment it needs to thrive.

Upgrading your home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. But, by doing so it can add class, sophistication, and life into your living space. All you have to do is take these ideas, make them your own, and viola! You’re a grown up now.