Utility rooms are a great asset to any home. The utility room is where you can do all of that stuff you don’t want your visitors to see! From laundry to washing the dog, a well organized utility room, decorated with those finishing touches you love, will make it a perfectly pleasant place to do some of your grubbiest jobs.

  1. Practical and Attractive

Choose practical, easy to maintain materials that are also pleasing to the eye. A light-colored hardwood countertop would not only be beautiful, but also great for folding laundry on. A wide, deep sink with a high-necked faucet will make bathing the pup so much easier as well as doing other messy jobs. Did your kids bring home some fish to clean for supper? Send them to the utility room to clean them – keeping the mess contained.

  1. Ceiling Spotlights

Ceiling spotlights are a great way to brighten up a utility room – especially one that doesn’t have windows. It will also give you practical lighting that can help you see those pesky stains — or the scales on those fish. Adding good overhead lighting can be a utility room game-changer.

  1. Use all of the space

A utility room is a great place to hang poles for hanging clothes or drying racks, making the most of the space. There are several styles of drying racks available that can fold down from the wall when you need them and be put back up out of the way when they are not in use.

  1. Add fun details to make the space more enjoyable

You likely won’t be doing a lot of hanging out in a recliner in your utility room, but you can still hang fun signs, do up the cabinet handles with funky knobs you like, or add a fun backsplash to make this space one in which you won’t mind spending time.

  1. Do something different

Open shelving is becoming more and more popular. Use open shelving to hold your laundry detergent. Put your powder detergent in a big fun jar with a scoop to make it part of the décor. Put attractive baskets on the shelves to house your less attractive cleaning rags.

  1. Use different materials

Give your room that will inevitably have the elements brought into it a more rustic or outdoorsy feel with a faux stone or faux brick wall. A faux stone or faux brick wall can give an otherwise boring utility room a little texture and interest.

  1. Racks

Use a rack or rail that folds back flush with the wall to hang wet clothes or items like mittens and socks after a rainy or snowy play day outside. You can also string a clothes line across the ceiling and use clothespins to hang items from clothing – to those painting projects your kids just love to do.

  1. Create variable space

Cabinets are great, but they are often uniform in shelf size. Try and find cabinetry with adjustable shelving that will allow you to accommodate taller items like a vacuum, mops, brooms, or a clothes hamper that you’d like to conceal.

  1. Embrace hooks

Hooks are awesome. You can stick them on cabinet doors, walls or window sills. They come in many different sizes and styles so that you can hang just about anything. Hooks are an easy solution for those messy overalls or a wet towel you still want to use.

  1. Consider your needs

No matter what you put in your utility room, take some time to really think about what your ideal space would look like. Since you are likely the only people who will be in that room, it’s important that it’s a space you enjoy – not others. It’s a great opportunity for you to do some DIY and get creative with your style while you may not be so brave in other less private areas of the home.